Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

Okay, so we're going to try the whole Wordpress thing.


This blog will remain, but new posts will go at the new place. Ya dig?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Private! Keep Out!

So for about two seconds today, I set my blog to private. I was going to invite all of you longtime readers and my friends and family and close it off to others, but, alas, blogger will only let you see a private blog if you have a gmail account. And I didn't think that was cool.

But I'd like to ask some of you smarter people out there if there's a way to password protect Blogspot blogs by post. I know you can do this on Wordpress, but I'm not too keen on its templates and whatnot, and the idea of vacating this address after seven years is daunting, considering some of you have actually been reading it here for seven years and know to come here.

However, it is something I'm considering (and I'm using the whole "I could be a published YA author someday and don't want parents of minors coming after me for dropping the F bomb" as an excuse). Suggestions are welcome!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

When I Wish Mystery Science Theater 3000 Was Still On

Well, New York City has been destroyed by virtually every natural disaster God can dish out - in the movies - and I think the only thing missing was a tornado terrorizing the ol' Big Apple. UNTIL NOW.

Dudes, I have hit the mother lode and found the baddest of bad movies. I give you: NYC: Tornado Terror.

What did I learn from this magnificent Sci Fi production?

-- Random tiny tornados can lick the isle of Manhattan, and then form several killer tornados, and no one will even think to leave the area. No, they'll still hang out outside, having brunch and walking dogs in the "West Village" and "Central Park."

-- The main female character (named Cassie, of course. I've come to the conclusion that every lazyily named woman in a movie is either a Cassie or Kate), calls 911 to report - wait for it - people getting frozen to death inside a tornado "outside the 59th Street subway station." Because there's, like, only one of those and the rescue squad will know EXACTLY where to go when you tell them that.

-- You CAN blow up the weather. All it takes is some dry ice and a crazy scientist based out of the super-secret....

-- ...Garden State Spaceport (I laughed. out. loud.), which, judging by the views, is somewhere in the vicinity of my apartment.

-- St. Elmo's Fire is just one of the hazards of a tornadic activity. When it starts licking the Empire State Building? You DIE. Let me repeat:



-- "NASA doesn't own the atmosphere." You guys, I was so glad to learn that.

-- Stray lightning bolts can sneak into NYC buildings, hover around menacingly, kill someone, and come back to life to kill some more.

-- When you are trapped under the arm of the Statue of Liberty (don't ask) and someone is rescuing you, and there's a sign above your head, the word "center" on that sign will be spelled "centre." Because you know Canadians New Yorkers just love to bust out the British spellings of things when they can.

-- If you are the mayor (the lone American in the cast -- because you know an Ohio native is going to do the NYC accent better than a Canuck) and you don't listen to the underdog but do listen to the NASA "government" guy, you will DIE.

-- The tornados "moving east to Brooklyn" and moving off Manhattan is cheer-worthy. Because apparently no one cares if hipsters and Russian mobsters and Italian grandmas die or anything.

And now I'm bummed because my DVR failed me and I missed the first half hour. It doesn't appear to be on Netflix or Amazon (gee, I wonder why?) and Sci Fi isn't repeating it anytime soon. This means this quality film is going to have to wait to be shown at a Bad Movie Night, which is a major bummer, because I didn't even highlight the funniest parts -- seriously.

Come back to me, NYC: Tornado Terror. Come back to me.

Shop Wrong at the Shop Rite

So, earlier this evening I was waiting in a very long express lane at the local hugeantic supermarket that seems to attract every single one of Jersey City's citizens whenever I am there. Since the little supermarket across the street doesn't have things like beef marrow bones and acini pepe pasta, I had to force myself to go to this place on a Saturday, which was just basically asking for an aggravating experience. Especially on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But it had to be done if I wanted my soup to come out right tomorrow.

Anyway, at one point, the line comes to a standstill, with about four people ahead of me. Something's gone wrong that requires a manager, but the place is busting at the seams with people and problems and a manager can't be tracked down. I'm just all "Of. Course." but I keep my cool because what else am I going to do? Whine and complain, loudly? Like the self-righteous bratty woman in front of me? Yes, she gets all "This is ridiculous, do you know how long I've been waiting? I'm late!" to the cashier, who, god bless her, stays cool and is all "You are more than welcome to complain to the manager or call the number on your receipt." This quiets our self-entitled friend for just a bit, but a few minutes later she's huffing and puffing and throwing her giant-diamond-ringed hand in the air and whatnot about how this is SO not the way to run a business. Like it's going to make the line actually start moving or something.

My whole theory, after having worked in retail, is that the loudmouth obnoxious customer is rarely -- if ever -- truly right. If they're bitching about something in "look at me" fashion, and doing it in a way that makes them sound important, they're just someone who probably gets off on being an asshole to people they deem to be "below" them. The customer who IS right? That's the one who does their complaining in a way that doesn't demean anyone or make it sound as if the fucking Shop Rite and the rest of the world OWES them a snappy shopping experience ON THE SATURDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING and god forbid a computer system fail and not let you buy your 10 frozen pizzas and such in less than two minutes. Like, don't hold the Shop Rite responsible for your lack of time management skills. If you were late, you should have come to the store earlier in the day. It's as simple as that.

Anyway, the manager finally gets to addressing something in the lane next to ours and starts bitching out his cashier, who starts bitching at him back, and then the angry self-entitled lady in my line starts going off on the manager, who starts going off on her from the other lane (which, MAN, if he isn't getting fired...). It was insanity, and I didn't know who to root for because the manager was a total ass to his cashier in front of everyone and the lady was being the Customer I Hate. This takes up another few minutes, and finally, FINALLY, the line starts moving again.

So what happens when the angry lady gets up to pay? Does she bag her close to 20 items herself to save some time while her credit card is being swiped and processed? NO. Of course she doesn't! She makes the cashier (who had been nothing but nice and sympathetic to her during the whole ordeal) do the whole damn thing after she's completed the transaction, while she just stands there. I almost said something, but then I didn't.

Instead, I bagged my own groceries, and the cashier actually thanked me, like it was some kind of evil task she made me do.

God, I really hate people sometimes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vampire-Themed Quotes of the Day

"She should've just created another creature. I mean, this isn't like Frankenstein...no wait, that's old too. [Pause] This isn't Frankenberry." -- Jason, on Stephenie Meyer not following true vampire lore.

"So you get a girl and you make her 17..."
"Oh, that'll get the tweens."
"...and then you cut her head off."
"Oh, that'll get the boys!"
-- Jason and Production Guy Jeff write a young adult novel.


Man, I usually roll my eyes at most NY Times reviews for being holier-than-thou (perhaps the writers are richies? And only two of you just got that...), but this opening for their Twilight review? I bow down:

Based on the foundational book in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling multivolume series, “The Twilight Saga” (four doorstops and counting), this carefully faithful adaptation traces the sighs and whispers, the shy glances and furious glares of two unlikely teenage lovers who fall into each other’s pale, pale arms amid swirling hormones, raging instincts, high school dramas and oh-so-confusing feelings, like, OMG he’s SO HOT!! Does he like ME?? Will he KILL me??? I don’t CARE!!! :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seriously, Office?

Man, I so loved about 85 percent of tonight's episode of The Office (The microwave note? Spot-on workplace behavior. Michael's "drugs"? Awesome. Creed wanting to hang out with Jim and "throw things" down the quarry? YES. Dwight's monologue at the end? Priceless), and then they had to eff it up with Pam not even being the SLIGHTEST bit upset that her fiancee bought a house without telling her. I get it, they're SOUL MATES 4 EVA and what woman doesn't want her man to pick the place they're going to live in without taking her feelings into account? Please. Jim and Pam used to be so achingly real when they were "just friends" and they even seemed believable at the early stages of their courtship. But now? It's like the writers take a break during every show to slide in some JAM fan fiction. And high school fan fiction at that because I'm not sure I know one adult who would be totally DELIGHTED that they were left out of such a huge decision, no matter how good the intentions of their partner. And tonight said fan fiction sullied an otherwise excellent episode for me because they've gone from totally realistic to totally nauseating in their "perfectness" for each other.

I mean, God forbid this couple actually, you know, get upset with each other every now and then.

Excuse me while I go find my Pepto Bismol.

ETA: This deleted scene is made of awesome.

We get Pam admitting to the passive-aggressive note and thus saying she's not going to be the office maid, her co-workers being annoyed with her for it, an excellent exchange between the whole office, Jim being worried that he may be trapping Pam in Scranton (see, like, real, non-fakeout relationship drama) and some actual funny tension. I could've done with more of this and less of the "OMG, Pam and Jim are so in synch"

You Were Expecting a Partridge in a Pear Tree?

Picture 1

Want to find the Yankee Chicken in your mailbox this holiday season (or at least his image in an envelope)? Then send me your addy at kabsy77@yahoo.com, and you too can get your card on with everyone's favorite Pinstriped-loving fowl.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What, You Didn't Think I'd Go There?

OK, so you know how I was peeved about the Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Singers list? Well, I’ve gone and devised one of my own. But I only did 25, because I can’t be sitting here all night, yo.

This isn't a list of the most influential artists or the best songwriters, which I think may have tripped up some voters in the RS list. It's a list of who I think are the best SINGERS. Like, I'm sorry, I know he has a distinctive sound, but when I think Elvis Presley, my first thought isn't, "Wow, that dude could SING." (I think some of you just threw something at me in your head.) Same with John Lennon and Bob Dylan, and yes, Bruce Springsteen. And Mick Jagger. Michael Jackson can hit some high notes and made some seriously catchy tunes, but does he blow you away with his vocals? Not really.

I don’t really know what Rolling Stone’s formula was, but my measure of singing ability is if I can’t sing your stuff in karaoke. Like, Billy Joel? Sorry, I, who suck at singing, don’t exactly have too much trouble with your songs, so that doesn’t make me think of you as one of the artists who belong in the pantheon of good “singing.” You will not be on this list. (But thanks for "Miami, 2017")

Anyhow, since Rolling Stone seemed to exclude singers of standards (The Rat Pack, etc.), I won’t include them here, either (Frank Sinatra would've been in the Top 5, Judy Garland, Top 10, just so you know). But my additions, you will notice, have a * next to them. Enjoy, and don’t hate me too much.

25. Jackie Wilson – I had Steve Winwood and Jackie fighting for this last spot. And then I listened to “Lonely Tear Drops” and, sorry, Steve…

24. Mariah Carey - I didn't put this on here to make Ken happy. I think she's one of the most talented vocalists of my generation who gets overshadowed by the divaness I (and many people) loathe. She's also a genius at picking ridiculously catchy songs, but that's another list.

23. Tina Turner – All you need to hear is “River Deep, Mountain High” and you can’t deny her admittance onto this list.

22. Elton John - Have you ever tried to karaoke "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"? Yeah, good luck with that.

21. Janis Joplin - I get the feeling there were a lot of, uh, sources that led to her gravelly soulful voice, but all the same, she could wail. And awesomely.

20.Robert Plant - Two words: Black Dog. I kinda hate the song (even if the title was apparently inspired by a black Labrador), but it really shows off his raw, kind of crazy range-yness.

19. David Bowie - His voice is sex. Seriously. I know Mick Jagger had the strut and the attitude that women lost their panties over, but Bowie's voice is all he probably needed to get laid back in the day.

18. Stevie Wonder - I’m not talking “I Just Called to Say I Love You” Stevie, I’m thinking more of “ “If It’s Magic,” which is a slow, quiet song, but so nuanced that only people who can seriously carry a tune can tackle it.

17. Frankie Valli - Because I think my father would probably never speak to me again if I didn't mention him. Also, you can't underestimate a dude with the ability to hit high notes better than a woman.

16. Bono - While I appreciate Bono's charity work, I just can't warm up to his personality. His voice, however? Thick with feeling and honesty and awesome.

15. Etta James - "At Last" has become maybe the most cliche wedding/love song of recent years, but it still is chill-inducing due to the rich, sharp voice bringing you the lyrics (the vocal equivalent of high definition, I think). Her “Stormy Weather” kicks ass too. But that's a standard and I shouldn't be talking about that if I can't mention people who may have sang it better...

14. Patsy Cline - "Crazy" is one of the simplest songs you'll ever hear someone eff up in karaoke. Why? Because if Patsy had worn a jockstrap, no one would be able to carry it in terms of oomph in her voice. Just when she gets to the "Worry..." part of the song, you're like "No, I can't do that. All you, Patsy."

13. Little Richard - I'm listening to "Keep a Knockin'" as I type this -- he's out of control and all over the place range wise and it WORKS because he's not afraid to embrace his inner freak.

*12. George Michael - A head scratcher from the original list, in that he wasn't mentioned. He may have the corny Wham! cloud hanging over him, but if you listen to "One More Try," you'll be hard pressed to NOT admit that he is one of the best singers to come out of the 80s.

11. Sam Cooke - Every song he sings seems to have just a little extra-sounding joy slipped in there. I don’t know how you do that, but he did.

10. Karen Carpenter - She may get written off as corny, but she had one of the purest, most haunting voices you'll ever hear. "Merry Christmas, Darling" is proof positive of that.

9. Otis Redding - "These Arms of Mine" is one of my all-time favorite songs, mostly because Otis infuses it with longing in SOUND. I’m not sure I can think of a modern dude songster who can do this.

*8. Jay Black - Like Freddie Mercury, his range was damn near operatic. That he was left off the original list shows some serious ignorance on the voters' part. My guess is they've never been subjected to "Cara Mia." It's the only thing I can think of.

*7. Levi Stubbs - How he didn't make the real list is beyond me. Dude threw every bit of emotion into the vocals on all the Four Tops' songs. His voice made you think everything they were singing about was important, man. "Bernadette" much?

6. Steve Perry - I’m sure you’ve all heard “Don’t Stop Believin’", no? Think of him as a cheesedick all you want, but he will slay you vocally.

*5. Ann Wilson - Um, hi. Have you heard the woman sing, Rolling Stone voter people? Does she get forgotten about because Heart is a sister act? I don't get it.

4. Roy Orbison - If I never have to hear "Pretty Woman" again, it will be too soon, but dude could belt (and make you wish you never even attempted to sing "Blue Bayou" at your birthday party).

*3. Harry Nilsson - That he was omitted on the RS list is mind-boggling to me. Did the compliers of this list never hear "Without You"?

2 Aretha Franklin - I'm not a fan of divas in general, but she has to be up this high because I'm not sure any woman can get near her sheer vocal power and make it sound so effortless.

1. Freddie Mercury - Dude had a seriously sick range. Have you heard people try to karaoke "Bohemian Rhapsody?" Yeah, his voice is kind of untouchable.

So there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shut Up, Rolling Stone

I'm sorry, Rolling Stone, but you can't declare yourselves as having named the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time....and not include Frank Sinatra. Or Nat King Cole. Or Tony Bennett. Or Ella Fitzgerald. Or Judy Garland. Wait, what's that? They weren't of the rock and roll era, which is what your mag covers? Then drop the ridiculous "of all time" from the title. And while you're at it, remember that the word "Singer" is in there and not "Performer," which I think got confused several times on this list....

Also, check out which way current singers voted, and note that, as you suspected, James Blunt, Sebastian Bach, Courteny Love and several others are complete douchebags (all voting themselves number 1).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Whatever You Say, Blogger

Uh, have any of you used the sight-challenged "listen" feature when you go to type in a code to post a blog comment? You hit the handicap symbol, and all of a sudden, numbers are coming at you, along with a garbled semi-satanic sounding background noise. I'm convinced if you de-garble it, it's some evil message, encouraging you to lean on subway poles or play your music loud or become an obnoxious hipster and move to Jersey City.

You have my permission to leave nonsense comments on this post just to try it out for yourself.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ah, Sunday Morning.

Want to know what it's like to have my neighbors? Here ya go:

The music (that the video doesn't quite do justice to)? Is coming from next door. As I type, my bed is actually vibrating (and no, not in any way that would be beneficial to me, so get your mind out of the gutter) from their stereo's bass, which I guess means they assume either everyone in the building is 1) deaf or 2) as in love with their choice of music as they are.

Now you're probably all "Why don't you just go and ask them to turn it down?" And that's when I tell you "Um, because it's my super's apartment." And that's the last person I want to start shit with. Even if it is kinda nuts that I can't even hear my television over their music.

But I think I do need to come up with a title for my neighbor luck, since all I ever seem to get near are people who either have issues walking in a normal manner, or the capability to speak at a regular level, or like to ring my apartment to let them in because they are too lazy to have an extra front-door key made (that was the neighbor I had for a month before they moved out and the super moved in, thus leaving me with a vacant apartment next door for two months -- two of the best months of my life). Maybe KB Karma? I don't know...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If You Lived Here, You Wouldn't Be Home By Now

So for the last few months I've been subjected to these two apartment complex ads in the PATH stations. I didn't really give them that much thought until I noticed something....:



Do you see that these ads have one striking similarity -- and I'm not talking the lack of, you know, actually showing what the apartments look like. Because what is it you want in a living space? A gourmet kitchen? A window in your living room? The ability to touch foreheads with your significant other? Especially if it involves the woman draping her arms around the man's neck? Yes, that must be it!

For real, if I didn't have to be subjected to these things on a daily basis I would think they were ads for a dating service. Especially The Thread, which is all "The chemistry was good...the setting was perfect" I know sex sells and all, but WHAT does CHEMISTRY have to do with plunking over $300,000 on a CONDO? Especially since you aren't showing me "the setting." And I know Union City might be a hard sell to the yuppies they are so obviously courting with this thing (especially since what it doesn't tell you is that UC is only serviced by bus, which stops service at 2 a.m. -- I'm not sure that's, like, cool for someone who wants to partay it up in NYC) but why can't you show just a little bit more than just a plank or two of the wood floor? Makes me think that your apartments are fug or something. Why would I hike all the way out to Union City to see it? Because, I'm sorry, The Thread, you can pretty much get nookie anywhere. Your living space is not the issue.

And the Exchange is just as bad -- although they CAN tout that it's a quick ride by train into the city (but what they don't tell you is that NJ Transit trains ALSO stop running at 2 a.m. -- you're gonna take a cab From Manhattan all the way to Secaucus? Good luck with that, since cabbies are pretty loath to take anyone to the dreaded other side of the Hudson, and also charge at least 40 bucks.) But what, exactly, is an evolved commute? Yes, you will be standing upright on the crowded train bound for the lower Manhattan (because they also neglect to tell you that on the way into NYC, you will be the last stop on a suburban commuter train)? And what does "forward living" mean? You get a view, as the (doctored?) photo implies (that looks like Weehawken's view, right across the river from Manhattan. Secaucus, which is more in land? Um, no.)? But why would you need a view when you can touch foreheads and stare at your lovah?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shut up, Reporter Guy

If there's nothing I hate more than hearing about a serial rapist on the news, it's having the "man on the scene" whipping out his thesaurus to find new ways to describe such a person. Like, I expect it on Fox 5, but Channel 11 is usually a little more in check. For example, tonight's newscast had the reporter use the terms:

"Serious sicko"


"Vile serial rapist"

Maybe it's just my journalism course training rearing its ugly head, but, COME ON. I don't need the reporter trying to prove to me that "OMG, Rapists are BAD. I am so on your side, ladies." A rapist is a vile sicko degenerate? No shit, Sherlock. But just call him "the suspect" or "the man involved." It's called not editorializing. The story in itself is enough to tell me that I need to watch my back because an evil fucko is on the loose, and shaking your head in disgust via words isn't going to solve the crime. Sheesh.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Am I Just Missing Something?

OK, has anyone seen the British Airways commercial where an airport is somehow transformed into a computerized aquarium, complete with seals and whales and other sea life flitting around to (a verrrrry snoozy version of) "The Good Life"?

What does it all mean? I'm serious. It has NOTHING to do with flying. In fact, what goes on under the sea is the very antithesis of what goes on above the clouds. And I'm a little freaked out because how can the whales and seals (mammals, y'all) surface to get actual oxygen if they are trapped in an enclosed watery grave?

Really, British Airways, WHAT are you getting at with this ad?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Um, He's Not For Sale

I didn't realize everyone was going to be wanting their very own, personal Chicken...

Shut Up, California

If there's one thing the passing of California's Proposition 8 has taught me this week, it's that I should be very, very disturbed that people STILL can't separate church and state. It makes me wonder what else people will head to the polls for in the name of God (who I highly doubt is such an intolerant being, since He created everyone and everything, but whatever). Don't get me wrong, what you believe is your right and you are guaranteed that right under the Constitution. But if you bring that belief into a CIVIL matter, and think your religious beliefs should deem what is right for ALL? Man, I am more creeped out by you than you are of the thought of two dudes kissing.

Also, I say this as a straight single woman who kind of thinks it's a tad unfair that dual-income married couples (of any gender) without children to support get tax breaks, where as little old broke-ass me, who doesn't have any financial help from a spouse (to split bills, health insurance, rent, groceries, etc.) is probably more in need of a tax break than they are. If I can be behind more people getting what I consider an unfair advantage, then I don't get why others, many of whom already receive this gift from the government, can't.

Maybe these people should wonder why California is such a breeding ground for acts of God. Perhaps He's just trying to knock some sense into you with those earthquakes...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ain't That America

Tonight, at around 10:57 EST, I was fact-checking my Facebook status like the big dork I am (I just had to make sure Luke did appear in hologram form in Return of the Jedi, like Ken said...we were using it to relate to CNN's bizarro use of holograms, which, seriously, what the hell was that about?) at Ken's apartment, when suddenly Charlie Gibson got all impending-sense-of-serious-announcement and we all froze. He came at us with the calling of California for Barack Obama, and with that, declared him the new president of the United States. It was quite a moment, what with all the whooping and cheering, but I was all "GET ANOTHER NETWORK TO DECLARE IT TOO" because I don't trust Charlie Gibson all that much for some reason, and we went to CNN where they were calling it for Obama, and then I felt safe enough to take it in.

A few years ago, I remember reading about this Senator Obama, that he had a biography out where he actually admitted to experimenting with drugs in college. The state of politics in this country should tell you something when I was blown away by the fact that he was, like, honest about his past. None of this "I did not inhale" crap, just coming clean and owning up to it. I remember wondering if he'd someday run for president.

Yeah, I didn't think it would come this quickly.

Needless to say, this was a historic night and I'm proud it happened in my lifetime -- that people in this country finally grew the fuck up and looked past skin color (I mean, for real, people) and picked a candidate for what he stood for and what he could bring to the political table. I don't know that I can judge any president and get all excited about them before they actually do anything in that post, but I know that I'm willing to sit back and give him a shot, just like I have every other president. Especially one that doesn't lie about his past, seems like he can keep his dick in his pants, is actually smart and respectful, and has a family that doesn't make me want to hurl. And could maybe be a role model for kids if all of this isn't too good to be true. What a concept.

Oh, yeah, and speaking of historic -- GO BLUE HENS!!!! I think the old alma mater is going to ride the whole "vice president of the United States is a Delaware grad" wave for as long as they can. State schools! Holla!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Non-Political Rant of the Day

So while watching Monday Night Football last night, I was subjected to the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero commercial, where she comes out in an oversized shirt and no pants (like the guys did), but her bra is exposed. I was like "Oooookay, I guess they have to sex it up a little, even if it shows no regard for its origins...." and then she RIPS THE SHIRT OFF and proceeds to writhe around with the guitar in nothing but her bra and undies. WHAT THE HELL? I'm sure some of my straight-male contingent of readers wouldn't mind something like this, but it was so blatantly objectifying her (though I guess she went along with it, so she's partially to blame), that I'm not sure I want to buy Guitar Hero should I break down and get the Wii.

I mean, if Tom Cruise (or the sports dudes in the last ad or Davids Cook and Archuleta in the one before that) had stripped down completely, I'd be fine with it, since it was just following in those footsteps. But you finally introduce a woman to the mix and she has to completely discard of her clothes in order to sell the product?


I Lied. Another Rant.

OK, so, I have to complain about something quite a few (and that's putting it mildly) friends of mine on Facebook are doing (and since my friends are open enough to put their political beliefs out there, I hope they are understanding when it comes to my right to kvetch about it here.) There's this way you can "donate" your status to tell people to "get out the vote," or vote for McCain or vote for Obama with an automated message reminding you to do so every few hours. So when I log on to see my friends' statuses, I am bombarded with more than 20 messages on who they are voting for. None of the funny, classic or yes, thought-provoking thoughts that I log onto Facebook for.

Here's the thing. On a day as historic as this, I want ORIGINAL commentary on the election, not a canned automated spam-like response. If you're bold enough to declare your political stance to everyone in your Facebook pool (knowing that some are voting for the other guy) want to know who you're voting for in your own words. I understand the eagerness to make sure everyone goes out and votes, but at this point, I'm not sure this is the ultimate motivator. So I'd rather hear who your supporting and why, rather than a pre-thought up message that just tells me who to vote for and not why.

So there.

ETA: So those of you who aren't on Facebook can see what I'm talking about (names cut out to protect the innocent):