Friday, November 30, 2001

I dare say, me thinks people (and a very important Yankee at that) really do want Tino to stay in New York.

John Knowles has died. "A Separate Peace" was one of my favorite books junior year in high school. Even though Phineas died in pretty lame way, as most of us thought.

If there is one good thing coming out of George Harrison's death, it's that there's been great music on the radio all day. I know I'm not going to complain about Beatles marathons, with the occasional Harrison solo or Traveling Wilbury's song thrown into the mix. I'm proud to say I grew up listening to the Beatles. I often wonder why there are the select few out there who don't like them. To each his own, I guess. But there's no denying that music lost someone huge yesterday. Though judging by what I've seen on MTV today (but it's still early, so I won't judge too much), it's just another day...

My parents are pissed off about the teacher's strike, not because of their tax money being wasted, but because if school's called off in Middletown, the way to get the word out is by ringing all the fire department sirens at 5:30, 6 a.m., 6:30 etc. And it's very hard to sleep through such a racket. I was up already, so it didn't bother me. I also have fond memories of the sirens going off on snow days when I was a kid.

Starting tomorrow, anyone who lives in my area will have to dial 10 digits when calling someone, say, who lives across the street. We have cellphones and over-building of ugly homes to thank for this...

Thursday, November 29, 2001

The well-compensated teachers in my hometown are on strike again. It's getting to be a familiar occurence. I say make them work in a NY city school for a week, with the same pay as an NYC teacher, and see if they have that much to complain about after that. Better yet, why don't they come work for my company and a lot of other ones that aren't even giving raises this year? Or have to deal with the 1 and 2 percent raises I've gotten since I started working? Not that I'm bitter or anything, but speaking from firsthand experience, some of the teachers I had do not deserve half of what they get. There were a few who deserve even better than what they probably get. Middletown needs to get its act together and both sides need to realize that unlike Major League Baseball, a work stoppage in education is REALLY going to effect people.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

My site traffic has more than quadrupled over the past week, and I have a feeling it's because of my critique of the "Give a Little Bit" Gap ad. I fear people are coming to the site to find a clip from the commercial or something, and I know I hate it when I think I find a site that has something I'm looking for, and all I get is some Jersey girl Yankee fan ranting and discussing her semi-boring life. So, for those looking for the ad, may I suggest adcritic. The one you're looking for isn't there yet, but I'm sure it'll be added soon. Even though I'm not fond of it.

It's looking like Tino won't be re-signed and I'm going to be prophetic like Joe Buck and say it's going to come back and bite the Yankees in the ass. Even with Giambi, who for some reason, worries me. Not because of a bad-boy reputation (he seems quite nice), but he's already asking for a hotel suite on the road (I'm sure other Yankees do this, but it's not publicized) and he's got a lot of family in the Bay area (read: not good for New York adjustment) Oh, and he's not that great of a fielder, and with this Drew Henson kid having not much experience throwing out a major league runner, you need someone with solid hands catching the ball at first. But the Yanks need someone with clout and he's certainly got that. He's still got to prove himself, however, before I jump on his bandwagon. And he hasn't even been signed yet....

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

The front page of the NY Daily News reads "Yanks in Combat". Now, I know what they really mean because I'm not THAT one-track minded, but I couldn't help but picture BernieWilliams, complete in pinstripe uniform and cleats, wearing a military helmet covered in camoflaging leaves, rifle slung over his shoulder, as he hangs from a helicopter with one hand, a 32-ounce bat in the other.

Scott Brosius is set to retire today. I can't help but be a litte sad. And worry about who's going to be gaurding the hot corner at Yankee Stadium next season.

Today is our monthly birthday party at the office. It usually includes singing, but I don't think we'll be getting any today. For anyone who thinks they have a psychotic office, I beg you to see mine when the singing is in full effect. Or on any other day for that matter...

Oh, and I'm very anti-pretentious English major people today. So to those of you who think you're holier-than-thou, I'm-so-deep, I'm-too-cool-to-read-from-oprah's-bookclub, I'm-hiding-my-bitterness-for-never-getting-published-so-I'll-just-be-a-pretentious-freak, I have two (simple, since I only had a B average in the English major) words for you: Grow UP! Not that I know too many people like this, but having to deal with the select few shmucks since 1995 really grates on your nerves after a while.

Monday, November 26, 2001

I have to laugh at the new Mountain Dew ads that proclaim the drink is 'as real as the streets'. I assume when they say 'real as the streets', they mean working class, gritty , humble people who have to work hard for their survival. Now, one commerical is filmed at a basketball court on West 4th St. in the Village. The other is Macy Gray singing in Washington Square Park, also in the Village. How is an area where you pay out the nose for rent, has way over-priced stores and is populated by college students and semi-wealthy and extremely wealthy people, REAL AS THE STREETS? If the ad execs had half a brain, they would've shot it in a neighborhood that is quite real, like the Bronx or Queens. Then again, maybe their definition of "real" and mine are completely different.
Man, I complain a lot about commericals....

Sunday, November 25, 2001

The strangest thing happened this morning. I've been feeling pretty peeved lately at how pigeon-holed I was during my school days just because I sucked (putting it mildly) at math. That I had to ask to be moved up to A level English and history in high school is ridiculous since I always had great standardized test scores in those areas. And that my guidance counselor didn't think I was going to get into Delaware (she was so shocked when I told her I got in) still makes my stomach turn. So this morning, John Irving,one of my favorite authors, was on CBS This Morning. He talked about how he wasn't a good student, and that he had a guidance counselor who once told him that Irving's SAT scores were the worst he's ever seen. And look at him now. I only hope I can have a similar "revenge", as CBS called it.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

The good people who brought us the wonderful PBS Anne of Green Gables movies have now given us The Anne of Green Gables cartoon. Ugh. What's next? It's bad enough the third installment of the movie series was awful. Oh well, I'll just have to remember how good the first two movies were and think of the rest as a bad marketing scheme.

I'm missing Astoria today and realizing how bitter I still feel about the whole situation.(IE: Coming back from bank-busting vacation to news that landlord wants his son to have your apartment, to which you're banished to the world of NJ Transit until you can save enough money to move out again, which is virtually impossible since no one in the office is getting a raise this year. Ugh) I miss everything from getting Dunkin Donuts with Hollis, to the subway boyfriend (yes, I still wonder what might have been), to good baklava, to the Neptune Diner and so forth. At least I don't have to deal with violent fiddle playing at 7 a.m. on a Sunday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I dread this day at Penn Station more than I do any Friday in the summer. Ugh. Not only do you have hundreds of thousands of clueless people waiting for Amtrak trains, the Thanksgiving version of Jersey Shore WEBS come out of the woodwork, too. I will just have to rely on my commuter instincts to get me through it.

Two advertising gripes: The Wiz-- they are currently running an ad with a man gawking at his wife's expensive shopping list. When he calls her (or whines to her) on it and says "But when we were dating you were happy with anything I gave you" she replies "That's because I wanted to get married!" Not only does she make it look like women are desperate to marry, it makes us look like shallow bitches. We're willing to "deal" with perfectly fine presents (and LIE about it) if it means we'll get expensive ones when we find a man to provide for us. Gag. The Gap -- I'm not so keen on their latest ads that have various rock stars singing Super Tramp's "Give a Little Bit". It's one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time, and I don't like that it's being made into the meaning "Give a little bit of the Gap for the Holiday Season". A great classic rock song being used to promote crew necked sweaters and matching socks. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

With Thanksgiving comes the annual Bischer tradition (and a tradition shared by many other Americans) of listening to "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie at noon on Turkey Day. In the NY area for the past god knows how many years, it's played at that time on whichever classic rock station is in existence. It's gone from 102.7 (all talk now, so that's out of the question) to 92.3 and it's recently been played on 104.3, where I'm guessing it'll be this year. Anyway, if you think you know everything about Alice, and closed dumps and blind justice, test your knowledge with this quiz

Monday, November 19, 2001

The Facts of Life Reunion movie certainly lived up to its theme song -- you take the good, and in this case, you had to take the bad. What a dissapointment! First off, if Jo isn't there, it's just not going to fly. You need all 4 gals. At least they didn't bring back Pipa and Andy. Then, since it was on the Mouse-House network, it was completely Disney-fied. For instance, Blair is evil because she doesn't want children, or so the show intoned. Then, Tutti is a single mom because her husband 'died', no, gasp, divorce here! And Natalie is a two-timer, but gets proposed to because she's so caring and wonderful. Um, whatever. I'll stick to my Nick at Nite reruns.

Since I needed some form of laughter, I checked out part of Britney's EgoFest on HBO. The girl can't even lip sync properly! And the overly dramatic stage design and costume changes were just corny/hysterical. She was trying to be Janet Jackson with the way she danced and even the way she spoke. Then she was like Michael Jackson, grabbing her crotch AND her boobs. Maybe she's trying to decipher if they are still there, as so much bouncing can probably dislodge the implants and send them to other parts of the body.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Now that I have seen Harry Potter, I'd like to know what all the fuss is about. The negative fuss, that is. I'm normally the person who hates books, especially favorites, being made into movies. Usually, tons of stuff is changed, and being the snobby reader I am, I hate it when people who never read the book absoultely love the movie version that looks nothing like its original form. See: Circle of Friends. And then there are the books that do stay faithful to the book and fail. See: Where the Heart Is. But Harry is different, mostly because it is a tribute to the book. I went in knowing it was going to be extremely faithful to the story, and this pissed off some reviewers. Yet, had Steven Speilberg produced this, and gone way out and changed stuff around, they would've hated it, too. You see, if you really loved the book, you might hate ANY version of it that comes on screen. You have your own visions of the characters, places and plots. There is a cleverness to the way the book is written that is impossible to translate on screen. And that's because you use your brain differently when reading a book than when watching a movie. So, of course, you're not going to get the same effect. The kids in the theater (aka Romper Room, since Des and I, and this strange couple sitting next to us where the only adults there without accompanying children) adored it. The 12-year-old boys behind us were hyper active with anticipation. And they weren't dissapointed. Probably because kids have the best, positive mindsets of all, and that nothing (with the exception of Harry's brilliant green eyes) was different from what they read. It set it in action for them, and it's quite rewarding to see something from your imagination come to life. The bottom line is, there was nothing in the book to improve upon since it is a children's book masterpiece. Nothing could've been done to make this movie better than the book, as so many snooty pants reporters wanted. When you see the news reports with kids standing outside the theater, and one girl (who read the books and saw the movie) proclaims "I love you JK Rowling, you've changed my life!" and not "Britney Spears, I want to be just like you!" that's all that should matter.

So pppthhhhhh on those who wanted more and are now whining about it. Des and I left the theater feeling delighted. Can't say that about a lot of other movies out there right now.

Friday, November 16, 2001

If Hollis and I ever start our own business and we need a new employee, this sign is going in the window:
'psychotics, sexual-harassers, antsy-pantses, obvious people, mean people, overly-cocky people, idiots, lazy asses, lacrosse players, workaholics, bad subway riders, stuck-up artists, West Wing likers, New York wannabes, New York haters, tea drinkers, comma lovers, bad decorators from 'Trading Spaces', slow walkers, elevator stoppers, over-zealous christians, Claudia, need not apply.

Des and I are off to see Harry Potter tonight, and a bad review from the NY Times can't stop us. Then again, if it isn't Stanley Kubrick, Jane Austen or foreign, the Times won't like it. Maybe their movie reviewers can marry EW's movie reviewers. Then they can hate and smugly criticize each other!

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

For some reason, I don't think adults (read: pompous nerds who can't make movies themselves, therefore sharpen their knives for anything that's put on their plate) should be allowed to review the Harry Potter movie. For one thing, it's a movie for kids. With all the hype, that point seems to get lost. I'm even saying people who would give it a good review should stay away, especially if they didn't read the book (kids are going to be very discerning, especially die-hard book fans). The only ones who are going to truly get the gist of this movie is the audience it is made for. Not too many angry, dark, bitter journalist types are going to get what it feels like to fly in a Quidditch match. In a way, I wish I were a kid when I read the books. I know there is so much more I would've appreciated, but being a 20 something and semi-jaded reader that I am, it probably went over my head. Anyway, kids will like what they like despite what a reviewer says, so why bother? Not that many of them would be able to get past the first few lines of the overly-written, big-words-thrown-in-because-I-majored-in-English-and-you-didn't reviews, anyway.

Amazingly, the pain of the Yankees losing Game 7 (I refuse to say lose the World Series. I have yet to watch any highlights of it, or read anything on it. For me, it ended with Game 5, and I'm in denile, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it) is fading faster than the ouchiness of my jammed Yankee toe. While the swelling has gone down, I can't wear regular shoes or go down a flight of stairs without wincing in pain. And it's a reminder of my excitement that night, which makes it worse. I thought they were going to win when I banged it after slipping of my chair. Sigh.

The Village Voice is whining that Norman Rockwell isn't art. Oh, please. Speaking of things that shouldn't be reviewed.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I'm reverting to being a kid for the day. The Michael Jackson tribute thing is on, and all the songs are taking me back. It seems like the 80s were one big endless summer for me. Probably because I spent every waking minute either waiting for its arrival, or actually getting dirty, going to the beach, playing Voltron or tag with the neighborhood kids till 9 p.m. and making my stuffed animal mouse JB talk while the sun beat down. It's a shame what the real world does to you, which is make you boring.

Want to find out which athlete has the same b-day as you? Check out this do-hickey from SI for kids. I have the unfortunateness of having the same birthday (same year!) as Icky Atlanta Brave Andruw Jones. I bet he has cooties.

Today, after a poopie day at work (I'm growing allergic to flourescent lights), all I want is to curl up with my UD sweatshirt blanket and a Judy Blume book. If I can be half the writer she is, I'd be happy.

Monday, November 12, 2001

On this day where people are just shaking their heads at catastrophe after catastrophe, it's nice to know New Yorkers can still be complete and total bitches. At the deli down the street just now, the ultra nazi-like cashiers just got in a semi-shouting match
with a customer. The customer was complaining that the soup is hot, which makes the lids of soup's pot extremely hot to touch. She got burned and almost dropped her salad in the soup and got a little pissed.
Now, this isn't your typical McDonalds-spill-the-coffee situation. Those lids are PIPING hot with no other way to pick them up, and I
even burned my hand on the soup today. Anyway, as she's telling the cashiers that they need to do something, they're all like 'well, you should know soup is hot' and ' and you're [something that sounded like stupid here, but not sure], you should get cold soup so you won't burn yourself.' I have had it with those bitches. Had I not been counting my blessings at just being alive, I would've laid into them. They rush you through the line, and while it IS busy, roll their eyes at you when you're 'too slow' getting your money out. They start working on another customer while they're working on you. I just can't take it anymore. So, if you're ever in Manhattan, never go to the LOWEL DELI ON MADISON AVE. BETWEEN 39th and 40th. There. That, coupled with my lack of patronage, makes me feel better already. And I'll have less burns to show for it!
Just when I was able to smile on a Monday morning (I passed the Macy's Christmas display on 34th Street and it made me feel like a kid), another plane has crashed , this time outside of JFK. Even the sadness in the news reporters' voices sounds like they can't deal with another terrorist attack. I never thought I'd see a plane smoldering and actually be wishing to hear it was mechanical failure.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

So, this has been a very varied weekend. Yesterday, my emotions ran from ecstacy (another delicious dessert at Serendipity, this time with Des and Carolyn) to heavy heartedness (a trip to ground zero, which i'd avoided since everything happened. I became utterly sad when I realized that the day of the 1998 Yankee parade, when after much adventure and giddiness, I actually laid underneath Tower Two and gazed up at the huge blue sky above it, feeling an utter sense of perfectness -- Little knowing 3 years later I'd be wanting to cry at seeing its ruin.) to agitatedness (traffic on the NJ Turnpike) to mild laughter (when seeing "Shallow Hal"). That was just Saturday.
Today, I bought Derek Jeter's book, thinking I should "Know thy neighbor". I mean, we already Love him, so that biblical command is already out of the way. Then I watched Memento, which was excellent, but I felt utterly psychotic and jumpy for the first hour or so after viewing. Now I'm off to watch Katie Couric's special on Harry Potter. Des and I are considering buying our tickets early. Well, that was my was your weekend?

Friday, November 09, 2001

If anyone has ever thought there was nothing wrong with a former owner being baseball comissioner, I ask you to read the following paragraph from This is exactly what is wrong with major league baseball, in a nutshell:
Minnesota owner Carl Pohlad, a close friend of baseball commissioner Bud Selig, wants to be bought out and would get a much higher price in a contraction payment from the remaining 28 teams than he would from a sale.
Maybe I should join the FBI. On the news, they just said that they think the person who sent the anthrax letters is a white, very educated American man, who misspelled stuff on purpose. Um, I've been thinking it's a screwed-up American since it started happening and they're just stumbling on it now?

It annoys me that the term 24/7 is used in news broadcasts now. The traffic reporter has just used it 3 times. Ugh. Before you know it, Tom Brokaw will be saying 'no you di-int'.

Ever wonder how they pick out the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree? Well, it's kind of creepy. These people do helicopter flyovers of neighborhoods, looking in people's yards for the perfect tree. Then they bang on your door and ask you if they can have it. This year's (being lit on Nov. 28. Come on, waiting till actual December wouldn't hurt anyone. Next year they'll light it on Halloween.) is coming from an NJ family's backyard. Start growing a pine tree now, and in 80 years it'll be famous!

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Some New Yorkish gripes for the day:

Elevator Annoyances: 1) I love the people who see the elevator doors closing, run for it, and risk losing a limp to stop the doors from closing so their selfish ass can get on. Hello, can't you wait 30 seconds for the next one? Sheesh! 2) People who work on the 2nd floor should not be allowed access elevators. How lazy do you have to be that you can't walk up 1 flight of stairs? And the fact that I always manage to hit 2nd floor traffic when trying to make a train at night is NOT fun.

Feeling Horny: Do drivers (specifically those of trucks and taxis) think that laying on the horn will make the traffic go faster??

It's just wrong that New Yorkers have elected a Red Sox fans as their new mayor.

Oh, and according to Dr. Personality, I have a jammed Yankee toe. Now, he did scare me when he said 'If it is broken...' which i took as "Since we're not going to do an X-ray because I'm so lazy, we'll just say it's jammed." And the funniest part was when I explained that I had to walk to my office from Penn Station and back again and he says 'well, take a cab'. HA! This man has obviously 1) never seen the line at the taxi stand at Penn Station in the morning 2) never paid for a cab when saving for a new apartment or 3) never realized it takes 2 hours to go 2 blocks in city traffic.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

That's it. I'm through being the bigger person. This means people are going to get the same treatment they give me. HA!

I have to agree with chris on this one -- why the hell add 4 teams in 10 years if the owners saw this coming years ago! I mean, there is no excuse for the Devil Rays to be in existence, and because of that, Minnesota is getting robbed of a team. To hell with Montreal. They don't support the Expos in the least bit. But the Twins, I don't know. It just doesn't seem right.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

It only took 2 days, but the smarmy baseball guy is starting in on us Yankee fans. My Tino-loving friend is ready to punch him. If there is justice in the world, he'll never see his team in the World Series again. Oh boy, never get me pissed off about baseball!
I am surprised at what little words of comfort I have gotten over the Yankees losing. I thought for sure someone would've sent a fruit basket....
I feel kind of bad for soap actors who get fired. It's usually because their character has been written into a corner, the audience doesn't like their character, or they don't like the actor. Or all of the above. It must suck to know millions of viewers hate you because "you" broke up Dirk and Camielle's marriage. We did a story about a woman who replaced a popular actress for whatever reason and soap fans write the show saying they hate her because she's not this other woman. Some soap fans are a strange breed...

Wouldn't it be great if Solid Gold was in reruns? Just makes you want to get up and Dance!

Should there really have been 2 MVPs for the World Series? Johnson did a bit of a better job in my mind....but since everyone and their mother (ahem, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck) loves Curt Schilling, I guess it's OK.

Since I'm still registered to vote in Queens, I could techinically vote for NY mayor today. But I'm glad I moved. Both Green and Bloomberg are poopheads and since I don't have a political agenda, I would've just ignored Election Day. And since I forgot to re-register in NJ, I can't vote for governor. Gee, darn.
Well, I have a feeling that my possible Yankee broken toe (yes, it only seems like my big toe took the damage the worst. Going down stairs and, eek, stopping short REALLY hurts) may become a saga. All because of HMOs. I have to go to my doctor tomorrow night, who will then decide if my toe is worthy of an orthepedist. I think he won't because 1) there isn't much you can do for a broken toe and 2) at my doctor's office, i could see one of three docs, and two have no personality. When I went in with what I thought was a sinus or upper respitory infection a few weeks ago (wait, I know it was one or the other because it takes A LOT for me to go to the doctor) the one doctor looked at me like I was just after drugs or something. This has always been the case since I've been on an HMO. Every doctor I've seen since the time I was 16 has treated me like a leper/second class citizen. Anyway, this is what I think is going to happen with my toe: Doc will think that my toe isn't worthy. I then go on hobbling to work on my foot (getting a subway train out of Penn Station is absolutely next to impossible because of all the displaced commuters since the attacks) and then end up breaking my foot from walking on it funny. Then my doctor will treat me like it's my fault, and I'll have to switch doctors out of anger. Sigh. Maybe I'll just move to Canada. Or just find a doctor who is in practice for the RIGHT reasons.

Monday, November 05, 2001

Is the celebrity you hate annoying or not?
Something Hollis told me yesterday outraged me. She was watching CBS Sunday Morning, and they were reading letters from Yankee and Diamondback fans. Most were in good fun, but one made me so pissed off, and it wasn't even baseball related. It was from an Arizona fan who was whining that the Yankees shouldn't be seen as "America's team" because of the tragedies. Now that part I can understand. That idea even makes me want to puke. But he/she went on to say that they were sick of New Yorkers acting like the tragedy didn't affect the rest of the country and how it was an attack on America, not New York. While this may outwardly be the case, does this asshole know what went on in this city the day of the attack or the awful first few days following? I'm sorry, but I doubt Mr/Ms. Safe in Arizona had as much fear as anyone in New York City that day. They didn't lose 35 people from their home town, nor did they have to endure worrying all day long about people they knew that worked in the buildings. They didn't have to sit through 90 bomb threats in the days following, nor did they have to hold their breath whenever a plane went over head. They didn't have to fear coming into work like most of us did. Yes, it was an attack on America. But New York had to deal with the most, so it would've been a change of pace (read: something fun to focus on rather than the dreariness) to have the Yankees win the World Series. Shithead.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

What I would say if I had my own advice column:

Dear Karen,
So sorry about the Yanks. How are you taking it? The Chicken?
Feeling your pain in Lawg Island
Gentle Reader,
Alas, I am a bit sad, numb, grouchy and experiencing a fair amount of pain in my right foot, but I'm still here. It was bound to happen sometime, I guess. The Chicken will spend the rest of the off season working out with Derek Jeter, our soon-to-be neighbor. He always has something to look forward to.

Dear Karen,
Does this make you doubt the Yanks in anyway?
Yankeelover, HoHokus
Gentle Reader,
Of course not. Even the great Yankee dynastys of the 1950s and 60s had their share of loss. After the heartbreak of 1960, the Yanks kicked ass in 61, and had a great homerun race to boot. One series loss won't kill them. It will just get them angry like it did in 1995 and 1997.

Dear Karen,
Is it true you think you broke your toes because you kicked the TV when the game winning hit happened?
Met fan who believes everything he hears, Queens
Stupid Reader,
No, my foot slipped off the stool I was sitting on and slammed into my kitchen counter. This happened when the Yanks tied the game, and I was attempting to jump up with enthusiasm. I figure this can work to my advantage if I need to milk sympathy tomorrow at work. God knows I'm not going to be in the mood to be there. That's IF my toes are broken. They sure hurt like hell....

Dear Karen,
Will you kick the jerk at work's ass if he rubs in the Yankee loss?
Just wondering, Manhattan
Wishful thinker,
Ah, it is tempting, but no. His team got ousted in the first round. If he says something, which will probably along the lines of a condescending, "I'm sorry", well, at least I'll know I've had more joy with my team in the past 6 years than he's had in his whole lifetime. That's low. Too bad.

Dear Karen,
You seem to be taking this well. What's your secret?
Sniffling in Staten Island
Gentle Reader,
From the beginning of the playoffs, I've kept the semi-over dramatic thought in my head that I should just be happy I'm here to watch them. How many Yankee fans were in the World Trade Center? They'll never see another World Series again. At least I got to see this one. That thought, coupled with the knowledge that I have a bunch of good friends who all probably thought 'Oh no.Poor Karen," when they found out the Yanks lost makes me feel a bit better. And my mom feels bad and will no doubt give me TLC this week (especially if the toes are broken). I have the knowledge that I can indeed survive a World Series loss . Now I can say I've been through the really really good and super duper bad.

Dear Karen,
Any thoughts for next season?
Looking ahead, Manasquan
Faithful fan,
Only 102 days until pitchers and catchers. Nuff said.
Okee, now i'm pissed. Thank God this song probably played during a commercial break, or I would've thrown my friend's 25-inch TV out the window:

From the NY Daily News:The D-Backs also did it with a little postgame gamesmanship, playing the Yanks' theme song, "New York, New York," over the PA. Midway through, the record screeched to a halt and was replaced by "Celebration." Arizona owner Jerry Colangelo said it was done in retaliation for the way the song was blasted after Yankee wins at the Stadium....

Um, can someone tell Mr. Colangelo that the Yankees have played that song after EVERY game, win or loss, since god knows when? I officially hate the Arizona Diamondbacks.
You have to love having a Game 7 if only to piss off the people who run the Emmy Awards. One of their slicked-back producers was so confident that there wasn't going to be a Game 7 and that there would be nothing competing for viewers attention against his big old actor ego fest. They should've just cancelled the stupid show.

Fox rants for the day: Players Wives. Ok, I don't think I've ever seen so many of the overly-coiffed, heavily-madeup, ultra-plastic surguried women before. Do we really care what their reaction is as they sit in the stands in their designer clothes? It's one thing to show the pitchers' wives, but every freaking player that comes to bat? Those unmarried ones must feel like crap.

The Fox instant poll: I'm waiting for the question "Do you think this poll is absolutely stupid and should never be introduced into World Series play again?" 98% yes 2% no. That's from the 3 people who answer those questions.

Saturday, November 03, 2001

The game is still going on, 15-0 at this point, and I am still watching. You never stop watching a game when your team is in the World Series. There are millions of other fans who wish they were in your shoes. Never take it for granted. Even when you'd rather be having root canal than watch your team get trounced. Ugh.

Mr. Schilling seems to think his team is winning the whole kit and caboodle tomorrow night. He just basically garaunteed it in a Fox interview. I hope the Yanks get to see that...
The Yanks are in 'Zona tonight. I wish 7:30 would just hurry up and come already!

Friday, November 02, 2001

I didn't think whack jobs this stupid really existed. This is an anti-Harry Potter argument from some Christian zealot. If he didn't try to sound so damn superior in his statement, I'd write to him and tell him where to stick it. But there's never getting through to people with egos that big and skulls that thick .
They didn't show him on TV last night, which got me a bit worried, but Challenger the bald eagle was at the Yankee game. I've been wondering about his story. I'm glad the Daily News did something on him, even though The Chicken is insanely jealous that Challenger gets to fly around Yankee Stadium and is considered their home-game good luck charm.
I have never been so happy to be so exhausted. WHAT A GAME! Who scripts this stuff? Yogi Berra? As I write, the latest version of "How You Doin' " is on the radio. The local newscasters are grinning like kids when they announce the scores. People on the train talk with an admiration that can only come out of an unabsorbed shock of what they saw 6 hours earlier. That's right, it doesn't sink in till like 3:12 p.m. the following day. In a word, it is wonderful to be a Yankee/NY fan right now. The rest of the road for the crown is a bit tough. But then again, so is this Yankee team. Gotta love it.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

After discussing the under-ratedness and merits (and cuteness) of Tino Martinez with my officemate/Yankee friend, Tonya, I found his official web page. It hasn't been updated in a year, but hey, he's still the man. And he better be re-signed, if George knows what's good for him.
Oh....My.....GOD!!!!!! What a hell of a game! But since it takes 4 games to win a series, I will not get too excited. But is sure was, hell, I can't even think of a word that encompasses all the emotion in that win. It was pretty damn fantabulous.

So, I think my parents and every other home owner wasted money on buying Halloween candy this year. I hear when the trick-or-treaters got home, many parents dumped their kids' candy and gave them stuff they bought (or even money, as I heard on the radio!) instead. This boggles my mind because 1) Isn't the candy all coming from the same place -- the supermarket? I mean, wouldn't the candy you bought at the supermarket be just as "tainted" as the bag my mom bought? 2) Who the hell are you to not trust your own neighbors, and if you do trust them, why did you let your kids go trick-or-treating in areas unknown? When I was a kid, we'd dump the candy on the kitchen table, mom and dad would take a look at it (there were several needles scares in the 80s, but none of us ever got any, just as I don't think we'll be finding kids in podunk USA suffering from the skin anthrax their evil neighbors put in their candy) and you'd be set. Sigh. First bad Saturday morning cartoons, now this.