Friday, August 30, 2002

Finally, someone gets that rude cell phone behavior does exist! Be sure to check out their bumper stickers -- these people are my new heroes.

And time to say farewell to the WEBS for another summer. You won't be missed.
Hallefreakinglujah. There will be no strike this time and maybe now we can start concentrating on what's going on on the field. I know the Yankee blaming will continue, but I've resolved to ignore it. Worry about your own team and shut the hell up is my new motto. I now lift my boycott of watching games (which was VERY hard) and the Chicken can come back from his Tibetan vacation in time for the post season. Maybe that's what fans who blame the Yankees should be whining about -- it's not money that's the problem, they just don't have a Good Luck Yankee Chicken looking out for them.
I spent half of last night trying to figure out just what Britney Spears looked like in her overly-done leather ensemble at the VMAs. Thanks to CNN for helping me figure it out:"Spears arrived in a black leather outfit with a cap that made her look like an auxiliary member of the Village People..."

And Christina, please, you are from a suburbs of Pennsylvania. Stop speaking like you were raised in the hood. You may think this makes you look like a tough girl, but it's an insult to the people who actually were born and bred there. And smack your stylist while you're at it.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Let me say this now. Any fan, reporter, owner, player 'feeling bad' that teams like the Twins, As, (or basically any team that seams like it has lightning in a bottle) may lose their chance at the playoffs because of a strike should listen to what they are saying. You're feeling bad that these millionaire players, who have the complete ability to go out and play tomorrow, are walking out on their team's destinies??? Sure, feel bad for what might have been, but stop acting like these teams need pity, especially when they have control over the issue. There's no war stopping the season, no act of god, no plague that has hit each team making them ineffective -- no, it's just their stubborn stupidity that is keeping them from making it to the playoffs. Don't feel sorry for them -- they certainly aren't feeling sorry for robbing you.
I never want a sore throat again. It is 2:30 a.m. and I am in too much pain to sleep, so I'm stuck watching a Peter Frampton video on VH1 classic. There is nothing on at this hour and I'm struggling with the guilt should I call out of work today. When I croaked this notion to my parents earlier (talking in a normal voice is a little hard with white spots at the back of your throat) my dad shrugged and said "You don't owe them anything. You haven't gotten a raise in 2 years." Yeah! And I go in after throwing up, with a broken toe that I couldn't walk on,...and I have 10 vacation days that they can always deduct from. And now a very trippy Cat Stevens video...not cool with a slight fever...Why am I so guilt-ridden at this job? It's just not right... Nooooooo!!!! Now it's Land of Confusion by Genesis with those scary Ronald and Nancy Reagan puppets. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Well, I've got a nice virus, according to my doctor, but not West Nile. I was expecting the usual shmucky doctor I always get, but a las, it looks like he's left the practice. I'm not surprised. The man had the personality of a hairbrush. But the new doctor is so nice! I've never had one who showed so much concern. She even told me to make sure I went home and got some rest and she hoped I feel better. I haven't heard that since my pediatrician!

So while I'm taking my amoxicillan, I'm bonding with Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea (for like the 400th time) and I'm just now realizing how well done this miniseries is. I grew up on it, so I'm kind of biased, but it makes me sad that there are no good made-for-TV dramas like this any more -- I'm remembering the Tiffani Amber Thiessen Lifetime movie from the other day and how bad it was. When they did the third part to Anne, I was so disappointed and maybe it's because it was made in 1999 and the makers felt they had to have actual physical action in it that it was so silly.

OK, time for a nap.
Don't you just love it when you're suffering from a 101 degree fever and flu-like symptoms while searching the internet (and praying you don't have something like West Nile) and someone who hasn't tried to contact you in months decides now's the time to take a swipe at your favorite team via Instant Messenger? After you try to help them with their problems and they show very little interest in your own problems? It's nice to know there are some people who change for the worse...

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Thanks to Tonya's eagle eye (and ear) for catching the line of the year from a commercial: "I was so constipated, I couldn't drive." Can we say TMI, Bus Lady? Anyway, that could be our new excuse for calling out sick -- I'm so constipated, I can't read or write.

Speaking of advertising, my dad always gripes when you see these commercials with the dad/husband/boyfriend being portrayed as stupid. And more often than not, he's far from good looking and has a very pretty wife who is supposed to be 'the brains' in the relationship. I found this column on the topic very interesting.
I feel like hell today. My sinuses are killing me, making my face hurt so much I have to keep taking my glasses off, and I forgot my contacts. My throat hurts, too and I'm going to kick who ever gave this to me. I noticed yesterday that from the time I got this job till June when I moved to NJ, almost a year, I never had a sick day. I honestly think it has something to do with getting up early and getting home late, plus breathing in all the other Monmouth County residents germs on the train for two and a half hours every day. And the fact that we only get five sick days doesn't help. You feel sick for a few days, but only take one or two off because you don't want to use them all up, get to work, wear yourself out and get even sicker. Ugh.

Monday, August 26, 2002

I was just reading this woman's editorial on how GenXers should dress up more in the office to appear professional. The following paragraph bothered me:

"Here are some guidelines: Big, long hair is distracting. Using your hands all day to move the strands out of your eyes is not professional. Ponytails and hair clips are not for the office. Have your hair cut shoulder length or shorter and keep it out of your eyes. If you prefer it long, pull it back in a styled and chic look."

This is all well and good for women who have money to get their hair styled, but for those of us not willing to plunk down 300 for a 'chic look', what are we to do? And just what is wrong with a hair clip? And updo looks quite professional, but how do you hold it up without a clip!

It pisses me off that women only get taken seriously when they have the short hair do, a la every first lady/woman in politics. We have a choice to do stuff with our hair that makes us look good. The short do doesn't look good on every woman (especially those of us with naturally curly hair) and honestly, if the higher-ups don't like that I don't conform by wearing my hair in a pony tail, fuck 'em -- maybe I don't want to be part of a company that judges a book by its cover. We're here to work, get as far as we can and make money, not become a bunch of clones.
Maybe we will start calling Sex and the City Self Centered in the City, as it only seems to be about Carrie whining more than anything to do with relationships. I don't know where they went wrong this season, but as Des said, it's not even worth buying when it comes out on video. Sigh.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Well, my experience as a WEB is over and I must say, I do prefer my Monmouth County beaches over LBI, even if we didn't exactly get to the beach itself! We did have a blast on Friday night, though, at the Surf City Hotel. Carolyn told us about Jackie and Paul, these upper-middle aged dudes that sing and play the synthesizer and saxaphone every Friday night in the bar of the hotel. I was thinking maybe it would be these two dorky guys and a smattering of people, but boy was I wrong! The house was packed with people of all ages, and Jackie and Paul were great! They're no where near record-label worthy, but they can sure get the crowd into their rousing rendiitoins of "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw", "Celebration" and "God Bless America". It was kinda like Coyote Ugly meets Wayne Newton, but without the bad acting and sleazy vegas feel. EVERYONE had a GREAT time. Des got pulled on "stage" to help sing "Under the Boardwalk" and when she sat back down (with a Jackie and Paul T-shirt), Carolyn, Heather, Des and I were referred to as the Hot Girls for the rest of the night. Everyone in the bar was labled something -- there were the "Happy Divorcees" in the back "The Golden Girls" at the bar, "The Lonely Guy with his two 'sisters'", etc. My voice was shot the next day from singing along to everything, but it was the most fun I've had at a bar in a long time. Even if Heather and I didn't participate in the conga line.

Steph and Kara joined us on Saturday, but it was kinda crappy so the beach was out of the question. We had fun ripping on a Tiffani Amber Thiessen Lifetime movie, and we did get a bit buzzed playing Steph's version of drunken Trivial Pursuit (which I kicked ass at) and then Asshole (which I sucked at, only making it to vice president once). All this while it was storming like crazy outside, which led to flooding later on. It made us all very grateful that Carolyn's house is on stilts.

Now it's back to reality. Ugh.

Friday, August 23, 2002

I'm going to be a WEB this weekend. Whoopee! Carolyn has invited the girls down to her parents' house on LBI for the weekend, and though Saturday is supposed to be a washout, I hear Sunday is supposed to be swell. So while I'm seething in traffic on the Garden State Parkway with Des tonight, I have to keep reminding myself that I'm on the dark side of the force this weekend. Sigh.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I'd like to know what exactly Newark Airport did on Sept. 11 that was so significant that it warrants being renamed Liberty Airport.This was the place where the hijackers GOT THROUGH security only to kill all the people aboard flight 93 -- I don't see much liberty in that. To me, this is like using Sept. 11 as a PR stunt that borders on exploitation. "Let's drum up support for the airlines by interjecting a patriotic name into an airport. That will make people want to fly!"

In other news, don't you just love it when you're standing on line at the drug store and you spot a cute guy standing in the next line and he spots you and then he spots the feminine hygine products you're holding? Ugh.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I'm officially Auntie Karen! Amy and Colm delivered their 6 pound 8 ounce son at 5:36 p.m. today, but no name has been picked as it went C-section and Colm didn't want to pick the name without Amy being coherent. So he was three weeks early, but what a treat!

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Happy anniversary, blog! One whole year of rants and raves -- my how the time does fly.
From the Daily News today:

The baseball official says small-market clubs want to hobble the Yankees because of their success on and off the field, and also enhance the value of their own franchises.

"When there are millions of dollars being transferred to your club and you've done nothing to earn it except get a check from the Yankees," he said, "it's going to pump up the value of your franchise."

I thank this baseball official for seeing the light. What do the small market owners do to collect this money? NOTHING! And I have a question for these small market owners who want to see the Yankees downfall. Why buy a team you can't afford to run and then point the finger at the people who can? I'm not about to go buy a multimillion dollar home on my pittly salary and then expect my rich ass neighbors to pay my mortgage. Coke doesn't give money to RC, McDonalds doesn't hand over it's surplus cash to Ranch 1 and big market owners shouldn't have to send money over to these poeple who have no business sense.

So, to all you people whining that it's the Yankees ruining baseball, read something other than the quotes of your favorite small market owner (who is trying to brainwash you) and get a clue. Then do us a favor and shut the hell up.

Monday, August 19, 2002

Why oh why does no one in this city know how to make a decent cheesesteak? Even Subway should know better since they are a national chain, but no, I just got a steak and cheese sandwich with peppers in it. Sigh. The classic Philly cheesesteak is cheese, steak and onions. I go sans onions, but you get my point. In the three years I've been working here, I have yet to find anything comperable to what I got in Philadelphia and even in Delaware. Such a simple thing, too. Leave it to NY to make it difficult and full of choices!
Things in the music world annoying me today:
Sheryl Crow name-dropping with her soon-to-be-way-over-played song, Steve McQueen.

Dilemma by Nelly -- if I have to hear this song one more time, I'm gonna take my clothes off. Oh wait, that's the other over-spun song by him.

Complicated and No Such Thing -- I don't know what's more aggravating -- a teenage punk wannabe (but seems pop to the core to me) like Avril telling me "Life's like this" or John Mayer saying that there is no such thing as the "real world". Maybe for singers and songwriters there is no real world, but the rest of us working stiffs know better.

It's almost the one year anniversary of my blog!

This weekend was interesting. Des and I went to the Colts Neck Fair on Saturday and we were all excited to see Madame Marie, this psychic who once told Bruce Springsteen he was going to be famous. Well, she wasn't there, but her daughter and this other guy were, so I kind of backed off. Des went to the daughter and came back shocked bc the woman told her all this stuff that she possibly couldn't have known. Anyway, I decided to see her, but the other guy wasn't looking into anyone's future at that moment and I had to see him instead. Long story short, I'm supposed to meet my soul mate at a holiday party this year, I'm going back to school next year and I have to watch out for an evil guy named Michael in my office. We'll see if it happens.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Here's my semi-annual cell phone rant. Am I the only person who gets annoyed by cellphones on a train? Geez, I just made a post on an NJ Transit related site about it and everyone's like 'The train doesn't have to be quiet' or 'It's only a few people who do it, so what's the problem'. What ever happened to consideration for others? I don't think the people who do the loud yacking are the ones shelling out close to 300 bucks a month for their train pass. I think that actually buys you the right to an aggravation free commute, don't you?

Then I read a survey on whether cellphones should be banned while driving in NJ. It was 60/40 over the ban, but I couldn't believe that it was that close. Are we really that in love with staying connected that people can actually make a defense for this? I love to read, but I'm not going to prop my book up infront of me when I drive! It would be different if I knew there were more careful people out there, but people are distracted way more easily than we think.

I think what annoys me about cells (and I do own one, so don't think I'm being self righteous here) is this constant need to be able to be contacted. I personally hate it when I'm out with friends and their phone rings and they take the call and chat with this other person for more than a few minutes (no friends reading this blog have ever done this to me, so fear not). Um, hello! It's not like we're hanging out at their office or something where a phone interruption would be ordinary.

New York is now considering banning phones in places like theaters, librarys, the movies, etc. and I'm all for it. And the only people you'll hear whining about this are those who think they're so important that they need to be 'reachable' during a performance of Hamlet. Selfish, just selfish.
The baseball players are supposed to set a strike date today. And if they do I'm not even going to watch any of the remaining games. What's the point about being excited to see the Yanks kick more ass only to not have baseball in October? The game flipped me the proverbial bird in 1994 and since I wasn't making a pittance of a salary then, it didn't bother me as much as it should have. I always thought I could relate to the Yankees on some level. They aren't arrogant, they seem like decent guys off the field and they've brought me a lot of joy. But then, how am I supposed to relate to a $2.4 million starting salary when I'll probably never make that much in my entire life? All the Yankees can all afford to rent a one bedroom apartment in Hoboken. No, they could BUY a whole buidling in Hoboken on their salary. So they get no sympathy from me anymore. And if this strike cancels the season, I'm saying it right now, you'll never get me back until you can prove there will never be a strike again, which will never happen with the current crop of owners and players.

I guess I'd better start catching up on the Lakewood Blue Claws...

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Ha! This story about men delaying marriage is quite interesting. Especially when it states that they're just out for sex in their 20s, yet are looking for a soul mate. I'm confused -- so they're out banging every willing woman in sight, but they really want an emotional connection. So when they find that emotional connection, is there some switch that flips off the sexual urge? I know a few good men out there who are in committed relationships and seem perfectly content. But I know there are other men out there who claim to be looking for a 'soul mate' and what they're really looking for is Ms. Perfect -- perfect looks, perfect age, perfect job, perfect in bed, perfect friends -- in other words, perfect fantasy. And that is why I think many men (not all, I know there are many who are nice and stay single for good reasons) are staying single longer -- because they're on this relentless quest for perfection and won't settle till they have it. And when they don't find it, well, that's when they get bitter and say that it's all the woman's fault (you know, the near-prefect ones who treated him badly but for some reason he still felt the need to treat her like gold and then she dumps him) that they're still single.

What gets me most about this story is that they don't mention anything about women waiting to get married, and maybe THAT'S why there are so many single guys out there. It almost paints the picture of all of us gals sighing dejectedly, waiting for all their highnesses to be ready to settle down instead of going out and having fun ourselves. I mean, didn't the story say that sex is more readily available to men? Unless they're fooling around with married women, I'd have to say that single women have a lot to do with this phenomenon.

A woman was being rude to the cashiers at the deli where I buy my OJ every morning and just seeing her roll her eyes at their slowness and act like she was far superior to them made me want to punch her. As I was leaving I muttered 'F*@#ing bitch' under my breath and I think she may have heard me. And the topper is that she works in my building. Just my luck! But she really was being bitchy and the people who work their aren't bad people, so I guess I had every right to voice my opinion.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

You can only take this banning smoking everywhere thing so far. I'm not fond of coming out of a bar smelling like an ashtray, but if they're going to clamp down on smoking outside, then don't be hypocritical about it. The last time I checked, this city has a way bad air pollution problem caused by all the cars, trucks and buses that come through here everyday.Now, will we ever ban people from driving, because I think there's a much better chance of getting cancer from inhaling exhaust from thousands of cars day in and day out than getting a whiff of the occasional cigarrette in Central Park. makes you wonder if any politician has an ounce of common sense...

This story makes me sick. I understand the frustrations of wanting a child, but is incredibly selfish to say the child has to be of your own blood to be yours. And then to trash kids from orphanages -- ugh. I think these people want a baby for the wrong reasons -- and the worst part of all -- they're going to be raising someone who has a great chance of turning out just like them!!
Some baseball rantings -- seems like George could get in trouble for his comments criticizing how baseball is run (amen, brother) because there's a gag order on the owners from discussing such issues. This little paragraph from a Daily News story today caught my attention. Another reason why Selig should be gagged himself (let's not even talk about the 'abbreration' the Minnesota Twins are in his eyes):

"Selig had suspended the gag order briefly this summer - just in time for Cleveland owner Larry Dolan to rip Steinbrenner for his big spending - but reimposed it before the Yankee boss made his own comments."

Yeah, Selig's not a big fan of the Yanks. Now we know it for sure.

And let me just restate, if there is revenue sharing and the $17 I pay for a TIER SEAT at the Stadium is going to help a small market club like the Kansas City Royals (where the BEST SEAT in the house is $21) field a better team, I'm not going to be a very happy fan. Sure, there's more money to be made in New York, but I'm not made of money, and I'll be damned if I help another team get a good player and they're still paying next to nothing for their night's entertainment, while I'm paying for both of our teams to do well. My only hope is that the money is coming from some other source (and it better not be cable, because we're paying for that, too) that doesn't involve fan money...

Monday, August 12, 2002

These books rocked when I was a kid and now they're making a come back. So...

which mr. men/little miss are you?
take the quiz & find out! :)
quiz made by You tell 'em, George!
Yankee/Tino/Robin lover Tonya is back from her vacation to her home state of Iowa and she came back bearing gifts -- Cedar Rapids Kernel's (yes, as in corn, not the army) pens! She also just enlightened me on a very interesting thought -- she is very anti NY radio stations playing "Small Town" by John Mellencamp because, as she points out, there are no "small" towns anywhere near here. And she's right! After Sept. 11, and all the media swarmed upon Middletown to report about the 35 deaths from there, they tried to paint it as a small town, a humble, close-knit community. It may be small compared to New York City, but, I ask you, does a small town have 13 elementary schools and houses built right on top of each other??? As Tonya puts it, a small town is one where it takes 20 minutes to drive to the next town from your own. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to the uber-suburban mall, and I cross through 10 towns in the meantime!

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Don't you love it when someone (especially a perfect stranger) sends you an e-mail intended for someone else and they're actually talking about you? Do you write them back to tell them of their mistake? Nah, especially when they refer to you as 'some chick' with a 'daily diary'.

Friday, August 09, 2002

The only thing worse than being stuck overhearing someone's loud conversation is overhearing a conversation where one person dominates the whole time and doesn't listen to the person they're talking to. It's the whole 'I love the sound of my voice' thing, I guess.

So, Vicki, Dexter and I finally saw Spider-man last night and we were quite impressed. One nagging question is still bothering me now, though -- Does Tobey Maguire suffer from Big Blue Eyes Syndrome? He's the perfect candidate.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

How much are you worth? I'm a whopping $1,506,920.00!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Place you call home: Middletown, NJ, but that should be changing in the next few weeks.

Best movie you've seen in last six months: Amelie; My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Best Book you've read in last six months: Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Nobody knows you can: juggle a little bit

TV Show from childhood you miss the most: Degrassi Jr. High, The Magic Garden

Oldest friend: Amy D.

Newest friend: the people in my cubicle at work

Who knows you best: all of my friends know different parts of me in different ways.

Favorite people to chill with: Dexter and Vicki. We can b.s. about anything and turn it into a great discussion!

Favorite Beatles song: It was Blackbird before Sarah McLachlan's version came out and it got overplayed. I'll go with Let it Be or Hey Jude.

Your type: a sweet, cute, well-read jeans-and-T-shirt guy with a wicked sense of humor.

Not your type: bad boys -- the idea of being treated badly by a brooding thug who plays the guitar and can only relate to his motorcycle or his rock band never enticed me.

What you look for in a relationship: a mutual admiration society. I want to be as crazy about him as he is about me. I'm done with the whole "thrill of the chase" crap on my end and I hate feeling "pursued". If I like you, I'll be with you and vice versa.

Who you'll end up with: someone younger and/or left-handed. Just a feeling I have.

What most annoys you: ignorance, inconsiderate people, bad drivers, being set up.

Celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman

Celebrity you'd like to meet: any of the Yankees

Someone you miss: Hollis :(

Someone you hope you never see again: that's the wrong question to ask me at work

Last time you laughed hard: when Des and I were making fun of Sorority Life

If you could go back to the past you'd like to visit: the 1950s. Everything seemed so clean back then.

If you could do something over again: the last few weeks of college. There was someone I shouldn't have wasted so much time on, someone I should've said a more meaningful goodbye to, someone I should've kicked and someone I should've kissed.

Something you're excited about: Moving; Amy's baby being born

A fetish you have: sorry, it's not perverted, but right now I have a furniture fetish. I'm obsessed with finishing off my bedroom.

Your most prized posession: My Yankee Chicken, photo albums, anything I've written and my new iBook

Something you hope to do in the near future: move to Ho and have a karaoke party!

The bomb squad was just outside the library and people were standing around, watching like it was a movie or something. I suppose if there was any real danger, the cops would have closed off more of the street, but there's no way in hell I'm going to try and get a closer look at the bomb squad doing their job!

Monday, August 05, 2002

Oh dear god. I had high school algebra with the crazy Jeter chick.

In other Middletown news, people who are against this stupid town center that is almost imminent in being built (despite a whole lot of people being against it) want township people to vote to raise taxes by a smidge to try and save the 135-acres of land from development. I think this is awesome, but the rich bastards who are trying to build the town center are whining about it. Read the following paragraph from the Asbury Park Press:

"To me, this shows this organization has little regard for the community as a whole," Scaduto said, "and is desperate to do anything to promote their selfish 'NIMBY (not in my back yard)' attitude. It is shameful and disturbing behavior."

OK, let's go over Mr. Scaduto's (a former board of education president) venacular. Use of the words, "little regard for the community as a whole": um, sir, you were on this board of education committe for a town that is so bursting-at-the-seams with people that they were debating if a 13th elementary school needed to be built. You think adding ten times the traffic to already slow-moving Highway 35 just to add a bunch of stores and apartments the town doesn't need is a good regard for the community???

The words:; "and is desperate to do anything to promote their selfish 'NIMBY (not in my back yard)' attitude." This isn't a hospital, school, or library you're putting here -- it's going to only generate revenue for the store owners and the assholes who own the property. This isn't low-income housing or a homeless shelter (which I would rather see built) we're talking about either, so forget this NIMBY crap. Selfish? You call the people selfish who are sick of seeing all the land in town go bye-bye for new, way expensive housing ? For wanting to save some greenery and keep a level of sanity in the town? How much money do you stand to make off this, Mr. Scudato? Take a look in the mirror and tell me who's the selfish one.

The words: "It is shameful and disturbing behavior." I'm not ashamed to say I'll vote for this should it get put on the ballot, and the only thing disturbing is your way of spin-doctoring. I hope to god if this thing gets built, you get stuck in traffic on 35 by the town center whenever you are near it.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Photos following the wrath of god that hit Monmouth County Friday night. People are without cable, electric or telephone or all of the above. And the ironic thing is that the weather people didn't go all crazy over this beforehand and overreact like they usually do. Ha.
It appears that the evil storms that ripped through Manhattan while I was there tonight messed up my hometown pretty badly. It just took me three hours to get home by train and when I got to my car (which was practically flooded in the parking lot by this deep oceaninc puddle outside the lot) and drove through Red Bank to my house, the destruction I've seen can only be compared to that of what I remember from Hurricane Gloria. It looks like every street has a house with trees down. A sign was ripped off an art gallery in Red Bank, and the christmas lights strung in one tree at the Galleria were hanging off it like it had been pulled off. My mom left me anote saying that Des was in the movie theater at the mall when all the lights went out. And when I got home, I noticed these things sticking to and covering the siding ofm my house -- leaves. There was water in our basement and I have yet to see what happened to my mom's garden. I was seriously expecting a tree to be laying through my bedroom, but it looks like we got away OK. I'll get to see more of it tomorrow in daylight, but man, does it look ugly in the dark.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

It amazes me what I don't see in the morning for lack of wearing my glasses or contacts. I usually put them on/in when I get to work and walk to the office in a fog. But today I was getting frustrated by not seeing properly and decided to wear my glasses -- and damn, what I miss! First off, where did all these hot guys come from in the morning? They're never around during lunch or quittin' time, but they were in abundance during my hike. And then I realized what pigs men (usually the old construction worker type) are because I saw just how many guys check women out and then gesture to their pals about it and laugh pervertedly. Gross. But the hot guys weren't checking anyone out, so I commend them. Then again, maybe they were just gay...

It was so cool to see my fellow Blue Hen Kevin Mench play against the Yankees these past two games, and he actually did really well! I'm hoping George sees him and decides the Yanks need a new leftfielder. I remember covering the baseball games in the 1998 season and when he hit any of his many home runs, everyone in the pressbox would just shake their head in amazement. And who knows what the rest of his career holds...