Wednesday, December 31, 2003

AFI is going to do another one of their top 100 movie lists in 2004, this time with songs from movies. Check out the list of 400 that voters will get to choose from. It's totally surprising because you might not think movie songs were that big outside of musicals. Lest we forget in the 1980s alone there was Fame, Flashdance, Footloose, and Ghostbusters just to name a few. And then there's The Bodyguard's I Will Always Love You, in case 1992 should decide to haunt you every now and then...
So David Wells is leaving. I heard that this morning on the radio, when the ditzy radio announcer woman was all like "The mutiny against George Steinbrenner continues..." OK, first off, let me just say that I was upset five years ago when they traded Wells for Clemens. Now, after all his back problems, brawls and crybaby attitude, not to mention being exactly half to blame for the Marlins winning the World Series, I say "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, David." Believe all the whiny NY columnists you want that this is going to leave another void in the rotation, but just remember Game 5 of the Series, when this void-filler left a mighty big one himself because the man couldn't stay in shape for six months of the year.

Back to ditzy radio announcers -- I have such trouble listening to the radio in the morning. All I want to hear is music, not the uninformed opinions of people who literally love the sound of their own voice. Unfortunately, almost every station in the area feels the need to have a talk show in the morning, with the exception of the Smooth Jazz station and the Light Music station. Smooth Jazz is fine when it's 1980s R&B songs like Ya Mo Be There or Piano in the Dark, but I don't like the Kenny G. or Bernie Williams type of Jazz (sorry Cow Eyes!). The Light Music station plays too much Celine Dion and Faith Hill (i.e., over-played stuff) for my taste. I used to like the Oldies station, but they're slowly making their way to talk in the morning. Maybe satelite radio is the answer...

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

We moved in to the apartment a year ago today! What a year. And in honor of that, here are my hits for 2003:

Favorite Moment of the Year: Like you can't guess? Aaron Boone's home run, of course! The whole Yankees/Red Sox series was a freaking odyessy. The loss during Game 1, our outing to Game 2 and being a part of it and singing along to New York, New York, Game 3's brawl, Game 4's dissapointing loss, Game 5 at work, Game 6 half at work/half at a bar, mucho exhasperating, and then came Game 7. So many people wanted the Red Sox to win, which only fueled my wanting them to lose (courtesy of the Yankees, of course), and it made for a stressful yet awesome week. Tonya summed it up best with the quote of the year when she was watching highlights of the Red Sox beat the A's in Game 4. I was typing on my side of the cube field when all of a sudden I hear her mutter "I Want Them To Die." The hatred was there on the Yankee side, for those of you who think only Sox fans hate the Yankees and we could care less. The Red Sox were arrogant and smarmy and god knows if the A's couldn't wipe the cocky off their "blue collar" faces (2 million a year is blue collar? Hmmm...) it was even sweeter that the Yankees could. So, back to Game 7. Pedro's all masterful and Clemens, as his usual playoff self, semi-chokes. And then came the starters-as-bullpen relief. And then came Giambi's second homer to inch it closer. And then came the 8th inning. And then, and then, ah, you know what happened by now. And if you didn't, it's already in the ESPN Classic rotation. It still puts a smile on my face.

Delightful Moment of the Year: Cablevision gets the YES Network not five minutes before the first pitch on Opening Day. Praise be to God, as I would’ve had to have gotten DirecTV in my room just to catch the Yanks in action

Favorite Book of the Year: Well, there’s two. First, Second Helpings, by Megan McCafferty as it was a continuation to my most favoritest book ever, Sloppy Firsts. And then there’s Cold Mountain, which I read in February before the movie hype. I shouldn’t have liked it because I hate too much description and this book was chockfull of it. It worked because the description wasn’t overdone or just thrown in to fill space like some authors do. Great plot, good movement and an ending that pissed me off in a good way. Good stuff.

Concert of the Year: Well, this one is kind of a lock, as I went to only two concerts for the same artist: Bruce Springsteen’s opening and closing nights at Giants Stadium. The first I attended via my cousin Joe Clark Jr., and the second with my roommates. Both nights were the most amazing weather imaginable for a concert. The crowds were awesome, too. And between both shows, I saw every song I wanted to see/hear performed. The last show might get a slight edge, however, just for Jersey Girl, which was basically the reason my roommates and I picked the last show to go to. It was quite the awesome moment when it started being played, Carolyn, Melissa and I majorly freaking out and whatnot. It was just a perfect night.

On a Springsteen related note: I now relate the song Badlands to my feelings about my workplace. And Sasquatch still blasts Mary’s Place when he’s in a Brucey mood. And the roommates and I still quietly sing “Meet me at Sassy’s place” when he does.

Favorite Movie of the Year: Chicago was great for the first half of the year, Bend it Like Beckham for the middle part and The Return of the King just kicked the entire year’s butt.

Event of the Year: The Blackout!! Five minutes of fear, hours of walking, no air conditioning, nice cousins to take me in, steaming night, more miles of walking to get home to where power had been restored, and all of it was way more fun than you might think. The smartest things I did that day: Wear a sleeveless dress instead of pants, wear sneakers, and fill up a bottle of water before leaving the darkened office. It was also much fun for Tonya and I to sing “The Final Countdown” as we descended the stairs of our office building.

On a sidenote, the next night I stayed in my gloriously air-conditioned apartment to watch the Yankees/Orioles game. Aaron Boone hit a home run that was called foul and he went balistic and I thought that was the most entertainment I'd get out of our new third baseman for the year. Ha!

Trip of the Year: Philly in June. I get to visit with my best bud Hollis and her beau Christian, and eat a real-deal cheesesteak. It don’t get no better than that.

News of the Year: Dexter and Vicki’s engagement. And y’all will get to hear about it for the next year, so it’s double the fun!

Favorite TV Show of the Year: The O.C. All hail scripted television in its snarkiest, cleverest, soapiest glory.

Sasquatch Moment of the Year: Oh, there are just too many to count.

Monday, December 29, 2003

So I heard this survey fact on the radio this morning that 76 percent of men would rather watch an important football game than romance their wives. Does this actually surprise anyone? Anyway, look at the wording. It doesn't say "regular Sunday football game for a team you don't care about" it says "important". I certainly understand this, as I would much rather watch Yankees/Red Sox Game 7 (or any other playoff/important regular season Yankee game for that matter) than be romanced.

What I don't get about men, though, is their ability to care about teams they don't follow. Football playoff games are hugely rated, but you can't tell me that everyone watching is a fan of the teams playing. During the Super Bowl last year, it was fun for me and the roomies because we had The Delaware Connection, a.k.a. Rich Gannon, involved. But every other year, aside from 1987, 1991 and 2001, when the Giants were playing in the Super Bowl, I could care less about either team. I'll watch the game, but it's kind of an empty rooting feeling. You see a lot of men get way into it, though. Is this some kind of gene that as a female I just don't have? Hmmm...

Thursday, December 25, 2003

And now for the most exciting news of the year on The Complete and Total Bisch: Dexter and Vicki are engaged!!!!!!! Two of my bestus friends on the planet are going to be two of my bestus married friends on the planet and that totally rocks. Nothing is more exciting than when two of the most fantastic people you know decide to get married, especially when the engagement happens on Christmas. Joy to the world for sure, man!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I'd like to thank Sasquatch for a very merry Christmas present indeed -- a lack of sleep due to his sexcapades at 2 a.m. Yes, his "I'll Have Sex for Christmas" pageant included a thumping bed and lots of him and Bride of Sasquatch (they're not married, but Melissa loves this nickname) stomping around, returning to the creaky bed, stomping around, etc. The Chicken thought it was Santa's reindeer arriving a night early.

My roommates are better gift givers, however, as Melissa got me an awesome pancake turner and my very own recipe journal while Carolyn gave me a Kate Spade organizer. Our tree isn't drinking any more water, which probably means its all-dead (much like the A-Rod deal. Ha!) and we'll be sweeping up a crapload of needles next week, but it still looks good.

And I get to deal with Christmas Eve WEBS today! Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

We've had a bunch of random people coming in and out of the office the past two days, and yesterday this old guy stops in front of my cube and is like "Ah, a Yankees fan." No, he's not psychic or anything because my desk has 1)a big Yankee bandana my dad gave me for the purpose of hanging in one's cubicle 2) a Yankee baseball stuffed animal thing a co-worker gave me when she thought it was my birthday and 3)El Capitan, a.k.a. Derek Jeter ornamanet hanging off my computer (Jason Giambi might be joining him when his ornament goes on sale at Hallmark. He'll get replaced if Bernie or Hideki or someone else makes it to ornament greatness.) Anyway, the guy's like "What do you think of Pettitte? I'm a little worried." So I go on and on about how Brown and Vasquez might make a difference even though they're National Leaguers and have to prove themselves in the AL and the guys all like "Ok, wow. You know more about this than I do." Awesome! No guy has ever admitted I know more about the Yankees than they do! It was a proud moment in my life.

Oh, and the Mrs. Beasley basket came to the office yesterday and I'm trying so hard not to eat the whole thing. Tonya is away this week and half of the basket is rightly hers, so I'm rationing myself accordingly. I seriously wish Mrs. B. would head out to the East Coast and make it easier on us, but delivery will have to suffice for now.

And the bets are on about what time we'll be dismissed tomorrow. It had better be early, or I'm going to go around re-writing Dickens quotes: "Four o'clock on Christmas Eve? That's not business hours. It's drudgery for the sake of it and an insult to all men (and women and Chickens, as my feathered friend will be with me tomorrow for the trip to Middletown) of goodwill!" And I'll have someone else in the office pipe up with a "Here, here," a la Bob Cratchit.

Monday, December 22, 2003

This is from Saturday's NY Post, about how the New Stadium Evilness is still upon us. This part made me irate:

"For those who believe Yankee Stadium is hallowed ground, remember these words from former Yankee Jerry Coleman. When we asked him a few years back about returning to the Stadium, he said, "That's not the same Yankee Stadium that I played in. It's a different park since the renovation."

That renovation took place in 1973. Much more will be heard on this project in the near future."

So, anything that happened after 1973 doesn't count? Chamblis' homer? Reggie's three-homer game? Reghetti's, Abbott's and Gooden's no-hitters? Wells' and Cone's perfect games? Leyritz's 1995 extra-inning home run? The Jeffrey Maier game? Wade Boggs on horseback? Tino's Grand Slam? The entire 1998 season for that matter? The 11-1 1999 post season? The Subway Series? The incident with Clemens, Piazza and a Bat? The magic of the 2001 World Series whose home runs are on the list of the most memorable of all time? Aaron freaking Boone? And that's just the big-time stuff. That's only PART of 30 years of MAJOR baseball history right there. Sure, it's not Gehrig and Ruth and DiMaggio and players long dead before I was born. But it's a damn good history in its own right.

I seriously doubt you'll see anything about Mystique and Aura in a new stadium. Oh wait, you will. The man-made, special effects kind, I'm sure...

Friday, December 19, 2003

It won't be the top story on SportsCenter and you'd probably have to dig deep into any sports web site to find the boxscore, but my alma mater wiped the floors with Colgate and are now the 1-AA national football champions. Rock on, Blue Hens. If my Yanks couldn't pull a title out this year, at least UD could.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

How much do you want to bet that if A-Rod wanted to be traded to the Yankees and this whole player's union debacle happened, Selig would NOT have stepped in? But because it's his beloved Red Sox, who he seems to do more for than the actual team he owns, he'll be the one to see the deal through.

And since no one sent our office a Mrs. Beasley basket this Christmas, Tonya and I have ordered our own. It'll be arriving next week! Merry Christmas to us!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Dude, why is everyone so worried that the Yankee clubhouse is now going to be a bunch of cocky assholes? We're getting two, possibly three players who have ego-tripped in the past. We've gotten rid of one in Clemens, and are kind of retaining one if Wells is still in the picture. That makes 3-4 possible jackasses out of 25 guys. Do you REALLY think El Capitan is going to stand for swollen heads? Joe Torre? The entire infield is the same as last season's, no problems there. Un-problematic Hideki gets Sheffield and Lofton joining him in the outfield, two guys who have had troubled pasts -- but look at what frustrating teams they were on. And I think Sheffield may have been humbled a bit by these contract procedings. Didn't George win out on that one? Kevin Brown? Well, if he wins more games than Schilling or Pedro he can have the Concord for his family for all I care.

If you are so one-track minded that you think players are "Once a jerk, always a jerk," let's remember the fact that Tino Martinez, the mucho beloved ex-Yankee (we miss him still!) was considered a "cancer" in the St. Louis clubhouse this season. Yes, our Tino!

It all depends on the atmosphere, people.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Awesome -- The Yankees are doing more discount ticket nights next year. Along with the random 5 dollar nights, they're doing 14-dollar upperdeck nights on Tuesdays and even other days of the week. And check out the schedule -- The Red Sox are in town on my birthday. Awwww yeah, we know where we're going to be celebrating!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Happy holiday photos from your favorite Chicken.
Leave it to the NY Times to get all whiny about the distant possibility of playing the Super Bowl in a snowstorm. Using yesterday's Jets snowy game as a guide, Dave Anderson seems to think that it would be a "Shame" to play in wintry conditions and that's why the Northeast should never get a Super Bowl. Uh, so all the playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl, when the players claim they don't even notice the weather they're so intent on winning are a travesty to the game? I think people in Green Bay would beg to differ. Plus, the NY metro area gets maybe 3-4 good snowstorms a winter in an average year. Some years we get more, some we get NONE. So why should a game that's normally played in cold conditions never have it's big, grand finale in a section of the US that actually gets a winter? Especially when there's a good chance of no snow at all?

If we live in such a wussy society that a FOOTBALL game can't be played in snow, regardless of how big the stakes are, I don't know if I'd want to even watch.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

The only thing better than the capture of Saddam is that it's interrupted all the "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWING!!!" broadcasts on the local NY news. They probably had all their "Storm Watch 2003" people stationed around the area to tell us "Hey, it's snowing outside!" and when the news broke about Saddam that all got pushed to the side. For awhile there, ABC refused to give up to national coverage, instead keeping Storm Watch and Saddam on equal footing. They now have Charlie Gibson on, so it's safe to say that they trust us enough to get around in 4 inches of snow without their help.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

F'ing ESPN2. They're showing the Colgate/FAU game right now instead of the UD/Wofford game. They said in the beginning it would be regonalized coverage. I ask you: Wouldn't a team that's, oh, 130 miles from the viewing area beat out a team that's 240 miles away? Hopefully, they'll break away at half time or something. I don't understand the point of starting two semifinal games at once, but then, no one seems to find 1-AA all that important in ESPN programming.

Friday, December 12, 2003

The Chicken's back, and better than ever. And he gets e-mail forwards, just like everyone else. Here are his answers.
I love all these so-called Yankee fans jumping ship right now, when the 2004 season has yet to be even played. They're complaining that they can't stand the higher ups' way of doing things and just can't take it anymore. Awwwww. Poor you. You obviously weren't around, oh, 13 or so years ago. You want something to whine about? Just remember when Melido Perez was your best pitcher and Mel Hall was your big bat threat. Yeah. You don't remember because you jumped on the bandwagon in 1996. Good riddance to you and please don't come back.
Happy Frank Sinatra's Birthday Even Though He's Dead Day!

Dexter's birthday was fantabulous. He may not like getting older, but his birthday always brings together a good mix of people so age is a sacrifice one must have to make. It should say something about your character when you want to have a small birthday party, but have so many friends it's impossible to confine it to a tiny group. Shout out to Liana and Eric for being neighbolry and driving me home last night. And shout out to Vicki for comforting thoughts on the Andy Pettitte situation.

Speaking of our ex-favorite defecting pitcher, I was in a pretty foul mood on the PATH when I had to see his face on the back page of every NY paper. That's until I was walking to work and saw a construction worker dancing to Robert Palmer's (God rest his soul) Simply Irresistible playing on his radio. And right outside the Yankee Store, no less.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Tonya and I are going over all the depressing songs we can apply to this day. So far we've come up with "Look Away" by Chicago, "It Must've Been Love" by Roxette, "Cryin'" by Roy Orbison and "Every Rose Has its Thorn" by Poison. Sure, they're break up songs, but we're feeling like Andy broke up with NY at the moment, so shut up.
Andy Pettitte, for all you've done with the Yankees, I am grateful. But right now I hate you. I hate that you lied about wanting to stay in the Bronx. Blame George for dragging his feet all you want (and he IS half to blame in all this), but there were sources saying you were checking out schools for your kids in Houston back in October. You didn't want to stay here. Don't freaking lie to the fans who have loved you, even in your early days when you were trade bait and not even that good. You didn't want to stay here. You wanted to go home. I hope the Astros fans treat you well, but you'll never be as revered in Houston as you were in New York.

I've never been this bitter about a Yankee leaving of his own free will. It's almost like a friend suddenly turning on you. I expected this of other players, but never Andy Pettitte. I guess that's my fault for believing too much.
Very happy birthday wishes go out to Dexter, who can probably have an even happier birthday knowing that Trista and Ryan are finally married. OK, maybe that's what ABC would have us believe. But I'm sure Dexter's birthday is going to rock just the same.

I can't believe the roommates and I got through that wedding last night without throwing something at the TV. I'm usually a sucker for weddings, and usually get a emotionally invested in TLC's A Wedding Story, but the fact that Trista and Ryan have been shoved down our throats for months took away from it. A LOT. And knowing that ABC staged all of it for production value sucked most of the sentimentality out of it. Plus, every time Chris Harrison smarmily told us this was "The Wedding of the Decade" it further demonstrated ABC's need to boost its ego and pat itself on the back. Because it was no where NEAR the wedding of the decade, especially if Prince William or Harry decides to tie the knot within the next 7 years. I even suspect the helicopters hovering over the ceremony were either brought in by ABC to make itself look good or weren't shooed away for the same reasons. A fairy tale my ass...

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So I just got around to reading the Post make a huge front-page deal out of the Yanks raising ticket prices -- and then right there in the story it says it's really only going to affect corporations and rich asses who have the expensive seats. Tier Reserved, where I usually sit, isn't going up in price at all. If people are going to whine and complain about this, well that's there right. But I'd like to thank George for pressing the people who already have the money to afford the expensive seats for more instead of the average folks like me.

And there's all these crazy rumors that Pettitte is close to signing with Houston. Huh??

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

It's time to introduce a new department to TC&TB -- The Awesome Song of the Day. This won't be an every day feature, just one I add in here when I hear a song that is deemed awesome enough to write about. Today's Choice, after seeing the video on VH1 Classic last night is: Human, by Human League. Why is it awesome, you may ask? Well, the dude singing is like all upset because he cheated on his beloved to "fill the void" while she was gone. Gone where, who knows. She just wasn't in the picture for awhile and he missed her so much he needed to cheat on her. So he's asking for forgiveness in the song and just when his gal forgives him, she dumps the news on him -- she was "human" too! They both cheated on each other! It's a win-win situation for everybody. That's why it's awesome. You could only get away with a song like that in the 80s.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

To all the malls and non-essential retailers that are actually open in a freaking blizzard: You Suck.

Seriously. Why the hell should employees have to risk their lives just so some spoiled jackasses can get their Christmas shopping done without a crowd? It's only supposed to get worse as the day progresses, but tomorrow is supposed to be OK. You can't stay closed for ONE DAY? Geez, people are stupid.

Friday, December 05, 2003

On this snowy evening:

Carolyn subjected Melissa and I to the fabulousness that is the New Kids on the Block Christmas album. And when I say fabulous, I mean pretty damn scary, considering I hadn't heard "This One's for the Children" in about 13 years. I think there's probably good reason for that. Anyway, she flipped through some of the songs for us, and when this really, uh, grizzled-voiced guy started singing I went "Who the hell is that?" and Carolyn pipes up, totally without thinking, "Donny!!" Some things stay with you forever, I guess.

And did you know Carolyn has an interpretive dance to "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"? She was nice enough to act it out for us.

Then Tonya called me, snowbound from Newport, to tell me that Barry Manilow is singing Christmas carols live on A&E. This is significant because we actually went to a Barry concert. But he wasn't singing Christmas songs then, so maybe it's not that significant. Anyway, it totally cracked me up.

And for the biggest news of the evening: Sasquatch watches The O.C.!! This was found out by Carolyn when she got insider information from his brother, who, when Carolyn told him she and Melissa were having a Christmas/Hannukah party in two weeks (I'll, sadly, be absent), responded excitedly with "Christmakah!" He says they're big fans of The O.C. upstairs, too. I didn't know Sasquatch could sit still long enough to watch an hour-long drama, but he's just full of surprises lately.
Liana's got a blog!
I just wanted to add my two cents about Kenny Lofton. He's rumored to be an interest for centerfield, making Bernie the DH. Every report I see says this is oh--so-great, but dude, he's actually older than Bernie. I know, I know, he's lightning quick. But he's going to be 37 next year. This isn't 1995 Kenny Lofton we're talking about here...

The blizzard is coming! The blizzard is coming! Why must it come on the weekend, though, when there's no chance of getting a free day off from work? Ugh. The roomies and I were discussing building a snowman of our landlord in the backyard tomorrow. Then again, we're not supposed to really use the backyard, so that could be a problem.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

So Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera are sent packing for a young stud pitcher. Whether this is a good move or not remains to be seen, though I think it certainly looks good on paper. Vasquez is 27, but Jeff Weaver was young too and look what happened there. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, though, because he isn't Weaver, after all.

Nick Johnson? I was never a huge fan. He had a strange resemblence to Babe Ruth and had some clutch hits, but I didn't get a vibe from him. Everyone else I know is in love with him and will be sad to see him go, so I feel bad for them. This now opens up first base again, which is interesting because they are either really banking on Giambi's surgery going well to make him an everyday fielder, or there is someone else in mind for the position. Why did Tino have to sign with the Rays? Sigh.

Juan Rivera? I feel worse about losing him because he was quick and had a good arm. He would've gotten lost in the shuffle, though, especially if Sheffield comes in. I'm still getting over the fact that the outfield might actually be set instead of a platoon situation. It's going to be so weird if that happens. But in a good way.

Oh, how I miss the days when the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting used to just be an NY metro area event. It used to start at 7 and end at 8, a few celebrities making appearances, and a nice NY area celeb (sometimes even a Yankee! Like Bernie! Or Paul O'Neill! Those were the days.) helping the mayor light the tree at the end of it all. None of this ugly extravaganza NBC pulled out last night now that it's being broadcast nationally. It's turned into the Macy's Parade, Part 2. Complete with terrible renditions of Christmas songs no one's ever heard of. And don't even get me started about the sick network synergy that allowed the cast of The West Wing to light the tree with the mayor instead of say, a beloved New Yorker. Bah freaking humbug to NBC on this one....

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I love these reality stars who whine and complain that they're lives were ruined by being on TV. What year are we living in? Do these people not own a television? If they're that ignorant as to what they're getting themselves into, they totally deserve whatever they get.

A bunch of us took Ken out for his birthday last night and when you combine alcohol and "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" and other assorted 70s hits, you know it's going to be a good time. Tonya made me laugh by stealthily trying to get info on like the only decent looking guy on our otherwise gay-or-freaky male floor, a state which we bemoan quite often. But that's what you get in publishing, I guess.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The next few weeks are usually huge in baseball signings. I'm ruminating the following:

So with the re-signing of Aaron Boone, does this mean the A-Rod rumors can be put to rest? I would imagine third base would've been Jeter's if Rodriguez came on board. Unless they're planning on trading Derek, which would be like the craziest thing to happen in Yankeeland in a long time. I shouldn't even say that, lest George decides to scour some blogs today for big ideas.

I like the idea of Paul Quantrill in the bullpen, but not Tom Gordon, and not because of the Stephen King book. It's the whole age thing. Can we PLEASE get some young pitchers out there? You need a solid mix of veterans and young arms that aren't going to get back spasms in big moments.

As for Sheffield, I wasn't that big on him until I realized the Yanks haven't had three legit outfielders at the same time in I don't know how long. Usually it's left field or right field by comittee. Bernie's been the only constant the last 11 years (god, has it really been THAT long? I feel old now.) and now that he's starting to show signs of age, who knows what's going to happen with center. So Shef could be the right move, even though I was leaning toward Vlad Guerrero for some time.

2 1/2 months till spring training. Sigh.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Carnivale ended last night, and wow, I'm going to miss it. It did drag its feet a lot, which, coupled with its weirdness, probably turned off a lot of viewers, but there's something satisfying about a show that makes you think. I wonder if it will be picked up for another season. And why does HBO limit itself to home-made programming just one night a week? There are plenty of nights that could kick network TV ass if they get the right show going.

And we're starting to decorate the apartment for Christmas! Melissa, who's celebrating her first Christmas, was so excited to see my box of decorations, which I hadn't seen myself since Christmas of 2000, when I lived in Astoria. I completely forgot about my Subway Series ornament! I think I'll tear apart an old issue of Yankees magazine and hang my favorite players on the tree, whenever we get it. That's another thing -- apparently these jackass Christmas tree sellers hike the price up in Hoboken because they know people don't want to go to far to get a real tree. I can't wait to see what the lot right across the street from us is charging...