Monday, May 31, 2004

What I learned this weekend:

-- If you see flames flickering off the front of someone's boat, chances are it is NOT a barbecue.

-- There are some Hoboken landlords who actually let you use the backyard.

-- Eric is not very fond of Britney Spears.

-- Sarah is the best baker ever.

-- Not only is Liana a Cranium Conga wunderkind, she is a fast learner with Taboo. Like when all you say is "Chewy. White." and these are the only words you can use and it looks like you might have to pass, she totally knows it's a marshmallow.

-- Dexter is a master barbecutionist in training. You can totally tell by the way he dances with the lid of the grill.

-- My feet aren't that freakish after all. Liana, Jesse and Vicki all have second toes that are smaller than their big toes. Vicki says that means we have Pretty Feet.

-- Jesse's car can be used as a buzzer, and has the coolest dashboard lights ever.

-- There is no winner when there's a water gun versus the Taboo buzzer.

-- I am not the only one excited that The Dukes of Hazzard first season DVD is coming out.

-- While Vicki is a vegetarian, she has no problem making beef kabobs, which is awesome.

-- It totally sucks that it's Memorial Day and there is no Yankee game on. Sigh.

Friday, May 28, 2004

So there's this nasty burning smell in our office right now and we have no idea where it is coming from. It's not food because it smells like burning hair. My only consolation is that if there is a fire, it may just damn well warm up the office. There is just something so wrong about people wearing coats indoors on Memorial Day Weekend...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

With tomorrow officially starting Jersey Shore beach season, I'd like to share a quote from Jesse during a discussion of What Makes A Bennie/Shoobie/Clamdigger 101:

"Jersey girls are great. After all, the shore is just a beach without the Jersey Girls."

Spoken like a true Jersey (by way of Indiana) guy/honorary clamdigger.
Can someone tell Bill Simmons that he is a Red Sox fan and therefore cannot be inside the head of a Yankee fan? Just like I can never know what a Red Sox fan is thinking? Like I'd want to? This line, in particular, got the blood flowing:

"The crowd was dead. And it wasn't just the weather. They don't like this current team very much."

Excuse me??? Speaking as one of the most diehard fans you will ever meet, I like this team VERY much, thank you. I am in awe of them at times. That particular game he is speaking of well, the crowd was dead because 1)they'd just been throttled by the Sox the past two games. 2)It was fucking NASTY weatherwise that day. 3)If a casual fan is going to get tickets, it's going to be to that game. The casual fan usually sucks.

Will I ever love Sheffield the way I love O'Neill? No. But do I NOT like him because he's a bit more flashy, a bit more of an ego? No. Do you love a current boyfriend/girlfriend the same way you loved your ex? Right. Shef is Shef, and to me he is a piece of the puzzle. He got us 6 runs last night -- half the final tally for the Yanks. He's been here two months and hasn't done anything to piss me off yet, so he's doing just fine by me. There is plenty to love about this team: Have you seen how A-Rod and Jeter crack each other up on the field, in the dugout? It's priceless -- two young, great players having a good time, when all the media couldn't wait for was them to be at each others throats.I n fact, you see a lot of the players joking around in the dugout lately. That's relieving to me -- they are not the machines the Yankee haters want to make them out to be.

Matsui, is one of the most fundamentally sound players you will ever see -- and the most trustworthy with an 0-2 count. Bernie is beating back age and right now he is succeeding. Posada, well, I'd rather have him at-bat than Joe Girardi, and I loved Joe Girardi. I'm still in shock A-Rod is a Yankee, and way grateful for it. Enrique Wilson and Tony Clark are two nice sparkplugs that people forget about. Kevin Brown, Javy Vasquez and Jon Leiber make me trust them with every start. And then you have Mariano, who is just beyond words. Not like them? How can I not, Sports Guy?

And let me repeat, for the 7,843 time that in 1998, the Ass-Kickers that were the Yankees were lambasted by sports columnists, talk-show hosts, etc. for being"boring" and not having a "superstar" and therefore could not be "taken seriously." Now they all long for the halcyon days of Brosius, Pettitte, Shane Spencer. Oh, please.

You can't judge by a numb crowd in a bad game at the end of April how an entire fan base feels about a team. Especially when you are NOT a Yankees fan. But as the saying goes, assuming makes an ass out of you and me, Sports Guy.

I never realized how loud my commute was until I got an IPod. I have the earplugs shoved in my ears with the volume about three-quarters of the way up, but if a bus, truck, hell, even a car should pass I can barely hear the music. There's something so not right about that. They yell at people for listening to music too loud, tinitus, blah, blah, blah, but walking up 5th Ave. might just make you go deaf faster.

I didn't watch a lot of the Idol finale because I knew which way it was going to go (and I still prefer LaToya over Fantasia any day) and 2 hours of filler on any reality program is just not for me. Besides, the Yankee game was WAY exciting. Aside from the bullpen imploding, that is. But it's nice to see the never-say-die attitude with this team right now. I hope all the naysayers from the beginning of the season who thought they'd have no chemistry are taking note.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wow, thanks Village Voice, for saying what I've been saying about Steinbrenner for years. And for taking the Mets to task for raising ticket prices while cutting payroll, with reporters all the while gushing that they're trying to be a "small market" team and the anti-Yankees. Gag. And to think I almost didn't open the issue because I'm getting mucho bored with the "Why Bush Sucks" headlines on every cover. Aren't there only so many ways you can say one thing?
Carolyn told me the awesomest news yesterday -- Sasquatch is in Hawaii! Can't you just picture him in a grass skirt, learning to hula? And this means that all the while he's surfing, stomping around a volcano and/or roasting a pig on a spit, I will be assured a good night's sleep. Thank god for small favors.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It totally sucks when it is so cold in your office that you either need a blanket (me) or a space heater (Tonya) to keep from getting numb. And it's not even hot enough outside to warrant freezingness inside. I mean, it's only May, office building air conditioning people.

And you want to know why my friends totally rock? Well, during our Monday night dinner, our conversation ranged from sports to politics to stalkers, and when we ended the night wondering where the term 40 winks came from, Dexter actually went home and looked it up for us. Other Hobokenites go out just to get trashed. We go out and get the answers to possible Jeopardy/Trivial Pursuit questions, while imbibing. That is why I love my buds so.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I am so cranky today. Thank god next week is Memorial Day.

And, dare I say it, The Sopranos was actually good last night. Although I hope the series finale includes everyone, and I mean EVERYONE dying. Tony, Carmela, Paulie, Christopher, the FBI people...everybody who has lost every shred of decency in them, which would be the entire cast.

I cooked pasta and sauce for the Hoboken crew last night. Nobody has turned up with food poisoning yet, so I think it may have been a success.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

So, this is how someone found my blog today: "How can you tell women are horney on the subway." Um, yeah. Is this person looking for an easy score on public transportation? I know there's that pole in the middle that might make men think we all want to turn into unhibited strippers at the sight of it, but the subway as a turn on? And looking for a web site that might list how to spot these amorous ladies? I have officially seen it all.
For some reason, I hate the Texas Rangers. And I really have reason to like them being that Buck is managing them, Soriano is their second baseman and Kevin Mench, a.k.a. the Delaware Connection is their rightfielder. But I absolutely can't stand young, free swinging teams. It's like being around a hyper person who's had too much caffeine. It's like having 9 Sorianos in your lineup. Just me? Yeah, well I'm weird like that.

I do hate blown calls by umpires though. And don't go saying "Awww, poor you. The Yankees have had some major blown calls go there way." I'll have you know that since the Jeffery Maier game, I cringe every time the Yanks benefit from a stupid umpire. Last week, the game-winning run got on base late in the game via a blown call and I actually hoped it wouldn't score because I didn't want to hear it from Yankee haters the next day. So when Soriano got on first in the bottom of the 8th because the umpire called him safe when he was CLEARLY out (and it wasn't even close, so I can't even fault human error here), I just shook my head. That set up Gordon's throwing error, and Soriano was the game-tying run. Bullshit. If it's the one thing I hate about baseball, it's that. But you'll never see me crying for instant replay, so it's something I just have to deal with.

And Rangers fans and Boston fans? Get over booing A-Rod. He was TRADED from Texas, and the Red Sox front office was too damn stubborn to get him themselves. Hell, he was going to take a paycut to go to Boston, but whatever. He didn't sign with the Yanks because they offered him more money or something. The only fans who I can see having a right to boo is Seattle, so the rest of yous can just shut up. I just hate uninformed fans who behave like Pavlov's dogs, that's all...

Friday, May 21, 2004

My deepest sympathies to Dexter and Vicki and any other diehard Nets fan today. I know how much it sucks to get far into a series only to have your favorite team not do so hot. Sigh.

I wonder if our bitter beer guy was watching the game last night. I mean, he was so dead set on Moose being a sucky pitcher he may have been surprised by his performance yesterday. It was nice to see him have some resemblence to the pitcher of old, so let's hope it continues.

The herbs gave me a scare last night. On the tip of a few of the El Capitan parsley shoots were these little black things that I swear to god looked like bugs. I thought I had some kind of infestation going on and was starting to freak out when I then realized it was only the seed shell stuck to the top. Silly me.

It's Emmy day, so that means it will probably rain on my poor co-workers once again. Every year since I've been at the job I've had to watch my friends get all dressed up only to have to face a downpour when they get outside. They haven't called for rain today yet, but it just looks like it's going to come down soon. Some things never change, I guess.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oh, The Bachelor:

How could the man be surprised when his two fame-whore "girlfriends" pick out the same ring -- the biggest one at the store, a ring that is completely made out of diamonds with a huge boulder of a diamond as the centerpiece? Yeah, these are totally the low-maintenence type women that are going to pick a simple ring....

His mom is what I fear most about the idea of a future mother-in-law. She seemed totally threatened by Tara, who pretty much works a "man's" job and was put off when she heard Tara's father jokingly carried a gun out when meeting Jesse for the first time. Lady, it's called a sense of humor. Then she pulls her son aside to tell him flat out that the girl doesn't love him. And she didn't use the word "I think." No, she knew exactly how to manipulate her son by giving him doubt about the girl SHE didn't like. Whatever.

But Tara, love is not supposed to make you puke. And when she kept apologizing about having to stop the limo to hurl, I yelled at the TV "love means never having to say your sorry," which cracked Melissa up since we endured the hell that is the movie Love Story a few months ago. (Sidebar: see this movie anyway. If you are under the age of 45 you will not know why this film was so popular because it is so incredilbly BAD. It is worth it for a good laugh, however.)

In the end, our neighbor Jesse Palmer found true love with a woman whose boobs he couldn't stop staring at when they were in the hot tub, when she was trying to discuss something seriously with him. A fairy tale ending indeed.

HERB UPDATE: The El Capitan parsley is not matching its namesake because it has taken off and I'm going to need to transplant soon. The real El Capitan is again below .200, so whatever. The A-Rod basil is coming up big, and I'll probably have to give friends some when all is said and done. The Giambi oregano hasn't grown much, probably hampered by a sore hip...I mean lack of sunlight.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Lovely! When I was walking to the PATH station last night to head home, I noticed the little park around the station was all policed-out with lots of yellow tape and reporters and stuff. My first thought was bomb scare, but then they were letting people into the subways, so I was like "Oh, well, nothing new." Well turns out there was nice little stabbing in the park about two hours before! Thankfully they caught the guy, but geez.

And I'd like to thank Gilmore Girls for making us wait four years for Luke and Lorelai to realize their feelings for each other. It wasn't rushed, forced or done stupidly, and therefore I was the most excited I think I'd ever been for two TV show characters to get together. They've had us know since the second episode that there might be some underlying feelings, but it took them till the fourth season's finale to make anything out of it, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be a Jump the Shark moment, either. That's the reason I love this show -- it doesn't stick to conventional TV scripting and you really can't guess what's going to happen next. And it doesn't get all up on its high horse about it like some shows I know that shall remain nameless...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

We had a full house for the first time in a LONG time last night at Ted & Jo's, a very nice way to start off the week. Dexter cracked me up when he described illicit office romances as "very Thorn Birds" even if your co-worker isn't a priest and there isn't a disturbing age gap. And as we were walking over, Vicki reminded me of the annoyingness that are these salon PR people that practically attack you when you least expect it. They want to know where you get your hair cut, and then they try to suck you in for a "deal" at fill-in-the-blank salon. It is not so bad when you are walking, like I am when they usually prey upon me, because you can say you're too busy to talk. But if you are sitting and studying at a Starbuck's like Vicki was, they can corner you. And then they don't take no for an answer, even if you are flat broke, which is just harrassment at its finest. There needs to be a special hell for overly obnoxious PR people, I tell you.

Monday, May 17, 2004

OK, so last night's Sopranos left me shaking my head, not because it went over it so much, but because it felt like they had nothing better to write about, so they throw in Tony's dream. There are people who think they are going to find the meaning of life in this show, and they regard it as high art. Dude. It's a show about mafia famalies and killing and guilt, kinda like Shakespeare, but only because we let HBO believe it is "brilliant" drama they are throwing us, and not what it really borders on sometimes: pretentiousness on film. The acting? Superb. The writing? Annoying as hell. There are these people saying that last night's dream sequence was so revealing, deeper meaning, blah-blah-blah. But haven't we all had whacked out dreams like that? I've had the teeth falling out, been chased, random people from my life showing up, and I don't think there's any deeper meaning behind any of it. Most of what you dream is just stuff that's on your mind anyway. It's not going to win most of us an Emmy, but you can bet there are some TV snobs out there thinking that's exactly what last night's mess of an episode that barely just scraped by in advancing plot should get. Sigh.
I think I spent over half of my weekend outside, between the Yankee game on Friday, Saturday at the Pier and yesterday at Hoboken's Yuppies and Puppies Spring 2004 event (that's the arts and crafts street fair to those not in the know. I think it's just an excuse for people to bring their dogs out and show off, as well as the first big fried oreoes event of the year, which is always welcome). I now have a nice sunburned scalp to show for my efforts. Oh, and you can totally see where the sunscreen ended between my nose and forehead, so lesson learned there.

And woo-hoo for Smarty Jones! I think I may have scared Sasquatch because I was jumping up and down so much during the home stretch. You see, I garaunteed a Triple Crown winner last year after the Belmont when were all pretty dejected when Funny Cide lost. So this year we at least get a shot at it, and I think Smarty is the best bet we've had in years. Let's hope it happens.

Oh, and can I just tell you, we had the bitterest ass of a beer guy in our section at the game on Friday. Moose was struggling, but I don't think the Ms had the lead at this point, and the beer guy's all "Mussina sucks, why doesn't Torre take him out? This is gonna be a bad game. Oh, they're so going to lose," yada-yada-yada. Dude, it was like the third inning. Your beer guy should not be Ye of Little Faith. He came back later when the Yanks were winning and STILL complained about Mussina and Torre being an idiot, and I quietly said "And who would you have liked Torre to put in? Use up the bullpen when you have three days till your next off day?" He didn't hear me of course because he was too busy bitching, but whatever. I ended up being right anyway because the bullpen got sucked dry on Saturday. But again, I am just a fan, so what do I know?

And this marks the 1000th post to this site by me. Man, I think a lot...

Friday, May 14, 2004

You're probably like "Woah! New Look!" which is what I wanted, so there you go. The Yellow with the Strange Rocks on top was a little 2001 for me, so hope you all like the new template. You can now also comment on the content with the little comment link at the end of the posts. Because you know I'd love to hear what y'all have to say about The Yankees, Hoboken, The Chicken, Sasquatch and Herbs, etc....
It is so, so nice to see Bernie do well, at least for one day. You can't help but look at the grey creeping into his stuble (which is just odd because he's still in his 30s. Maybe it's just the Stadium lights) and think he's getting just the slightest bit older. But, dude, he's Bernie freaking Williams. He's my anchor back to the bad days when their best starting pitcher was Melido Perez. I went through high school and college watching him. I'm five years into the working world and Bernie is still patrolling center. So I'm a bit attached, you see.

I remember when he was a clueless base runner and trade bait, and the radio hosts were all "Get rid of the dumbass" and I was like "No! Give the cow-eyed center fielder a chance!" and then he suddenly became Bernie freaking Williams and he was beloved by everyone. I remember in 1998 when it was like 99 percent certain Bernie was going to leave (and if I remember correctly, possibly going to the Red Sox) when his contract was up, and I was so damn depressed over it. Then, the night before Thanksgiving, I was walking past the basement door at my parents' house and from the TV newscast I hear "Bernie Williams re-signs with the Yankees..." and my mom actually calls up the stairs "Hey, Karen, Bernie's going to stay with the Yankees!" (which is just huge in itself because my mom's only a casual baseball watcher, yet even she knew Bernie had to stay) and suddenly all was right with the world. I remember thinking "Wow, Bernie's going to be a Yankee till I'm in my late 20s. Awesome!"

So when I read Mike Lupica's column today in the Daily News, I found his take on the situation, and Don Mattingly's quote a major shout-out to those of us who love Bernie like we do: "Mattingly talked then about watching Williams grow up in baseball, the way Yankee fans have, talked about how Yankee fans who have been around - not the ones who decided they were madly in love with the Yankees in October of 1996 - root as hard for Bernie Williams as they do for anybody in the place.

"Bernie is theirs," Mattingly said. "He did grow up in front of these people, from the bad time into the great times. You can hear it when he does something. They want him to keep going."

Yes, I'm very attached to Bernie. I hope when he does go out, it's as a Yankee -- it's only right.

HERB UPDATE (because I know you all care so much): The Giambi oregano is popping up, too! There's a ton more A-Rod basil sprouts than yesterday, and something is peeking out of the El Capitan parsley. Now does the herb growth reflect its players statistics or do the statistics reflect the herb growth. Hmmm.....

Thursday, May 13, 2004

After reading the NY Post's ominous news story on last night's game, you'd think it was the playoffs and that Posada's legs fell off instead of his nose being broken. Good god, calm down, Post. George is in town. Vasquez sucked last night. But so did the Red Sox. No harm, no foul. You can't win every freaking game you play, but by the tone of the story, you'd think it was still April when they sucked hard core. I've been pretty damn impressed the past few weeks (though they could use another decent starting pitcher, I'm not blind) and good lord, it's May 13th. But I'm just a fan, so what do I know?

The A-Rod basil is growing!! The first little shoots appeared last night and when I woke up this morning there were a few more. According to the seed packet, it's supposed to take 7-10 days, but I used, uh, performance enhancing drugs, so that could be why. The El Capitan parsley should be the next to show up, with the Giambi oregano taking the longest. Kinda like when Giambi first came to town...

What I learned from The Bachelor last night: Tall women should not wear short, off-the-sholder dresses and super high heels, like Trish. You look ridiculous, not to mention like a prostitute. And I'm tall, so don't think I'm judging from jealousy or something. And does anyone else think Trish made all her "slutty" comments to make sure she got on television? I mean, the woman's a complete actress. I'm surprised the other women didn't pick up on that. And she's totally gotten what she wanted if that's the case because she's gotten more screen time than The Bachelor himself. Whatever.

And I've lost all faith in America, most particuarly Hawaii, for making sure Jasmine stayed on AI last night despite MAJORLY sucking the night before. Turn on the waterworks and you've got the nation at your bidding. You can blame LaToya's lack of personality all you want, but the girl could freaking sing everyone else under the table. Again, whatever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Random thoughts to get the day started:

-- How come I know so many pretty, smart, funny, die-hard Yankee fan women and they are all single? If they didn't want boyfriends, that's one thing, but they are looking. Isn't this every guy's dream woman, or so they claim?

-- Lorelai had better not break Luke's heart on Gilmore Girls, or I am going to be in for a long, angry summer.

-- American Idol is starting to bore me -- the judges want Diana to win, and that's that. And how can you have Donna Summer there last night and only one Donna Summer song sung?

-- How fitting is it that Vlad Guerrero hits a go-ahead home run last night for the Angels (when the Yanks kinda oddly ignored him in the offseason) and then Gary Sheffield (whose acquistion people kinda scratched their heads about), gets the game winning hit?

-- I find it funny that it rained like crazy in Manhattan and the Bronx last night, but it stayed completley dry in Hoboken, not a few miles away. Ha!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Thanks to the wickedest storm to hit Hoboken since I've lived there, I'm going on not a lot of sleep today. I knew it was going to be bad around 9, when I was walking up for our usual Monday Night Dinner and I saw lightning in the distance. It then stayed in the distance for a good 3 hours, just waiting till all of Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City was asleep before bringing forth its wrath. For two and half hours straight. The lightning was insane and now I totally have to get darker curtains because I could've read by all the flickering last night. The cannon-like blasts of thunder actually woke up Carolyn, who can sleep through just about anything, and even the Lord of Loud himself, Sasquatch, woke up and stomped around for a bit. I just want to know why the best thunderstorms always hit while you're trying to sleep. If it were during waking hours, we could've actually enjoyed it, but no, we have to lose sleep instead. Plus, I think my A-Rod Basil, El Capitan Parsley and Giambi Oregano got a little scared last night. There's no telling if they'll grow now...

Monday, May 10, 2004

OK, Yahoo? You and your personal ads advertising campaign are starting to freak me out. Whenever I log on to get my e-mail, I see hot, smiling "Josh" who we SO know is not on Yahoo personals, but I'll throw you a bone and imagine he's real anyway. Besides, he's nice to look at when I go through my SPAM folder. Every now and then, we'll see All-American Girl "Erin" trying to vie for the guys' attention -- until recently when Yahoo decides to show "Josh" and "Erin" kissing! Imagine that -- two good-looking models found each other through online dating. Awww. It's so heart warming....until I log onto another site and a Yahoo ad at the top of the page shows "Josh" cuddling..."Celeste"! And she's totally not "Erin"! He's cheating on his online ad girlfriend -- the bastard. Do I try to find "Erin" and do the sistah-ly thing of telling her that her man is doing her wrong? I mean, it's like we're friends being that her face pops up half the time I want to check my mail. But just now I go on another web site, and there's "Josh" getting all snuggly with "Ronna"!@! The DOG! Geez, I mean, keep it in your pants, Joshua.

What is Yahoo trying to tell us? Online dating doesn't work? Uh, I don't think they'd want to go that route being success is usually what you want to advertise. So it's gotta be that online dating "success" is when guys can score three hot chicks and his other girlfriends will be none the wiser. And here I thought that was left for real-life dating. Hmmm....
I'm way proud of myself for not turning off yesterday's game when it was 6-0. Well, actually, I turned it off for like five minutes because I was trying to concentrate on something and Donovan Osbourne getting shellacked wasn't helping. But I turned it back on, and as soon as A-Rod hit his homer, I knew something was up. And as I'm planting herb seeds and making a general mess out of my bedroom, the Yanks slowly crept back into it. So I am now naming my basil A-Rod, my oregano Giambi and my parsley El Capitan. Now let's see if they actually grow...

Friday, May 07, 2004

Who are these people that go around naming their kids with the most common names in the country? The new list is out for this year, and Emily and Jacob are still number one. Why? Don't parents think of this when naming a kid? Maybe I take naming children seriously or something, but you can sure as hell bet that when the Jr. Complete and Total Bisches someday run amok, they won't be sharing a name with half the kids in their class. Come to think of it, I think like 98 percent of my friends have names that weren't the most popular the years they were born. Hollis? Dexter? Liana? Sasquatch? I never met other people with their names till I met them. Give their parents props for true originality.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I was just laughing over the Mike Mussina quote in the Daily News today about the adversting on base ("Where do we go from here? Chico's Bail Bonds on us?" was the quote. I mean, who knew Moose had a sense of humor? ) when my co-workers informed me that there's a planned re-make of the movie where Chico's Bail Bonds was made famous, The Bad News Bears. Is nothing sacred anymore? You can put Billy Bob Thornton in it all you want, he's not drunk Walter Matthau. And you can be sure that the big bad Yankee Little League team of the movie will be ten times more "evil" considering the climate of Yankee hating today. When the original movie came out, the Yanks hadn't won in like 12 years, and they still got told to stick their trophy up their ass. Plus, half the fun of the movie is the bad 1970s hair. You can't have that now...
The Yankees are becoming like Santa on Christmas morning. You go to bed not really knowing what to expect when you wake up, and lo and behold, there's a win! I went to bed in the 8th inning last night when it was 3-2, and look what I miss. Tsk, tsk.

Otherwise, last night's TV viewing was damn depressing. George got kicked off on Idol (though he was becoming a logical choice to go, so it's not anger worthy or anything) and The O.C.'s finale was so freaking sad. But in a good way. I mean, it wasn't much of a cliff-hanger, but it still made sense to end things the way it did. Considering the show's writer is a year older than myself and from a generation that's been drenched in TV cliches, it was nice to see the mold broken a bit.

Oh, and thank god the Yanks are exhibiting common sense about this stupid Spider-Man 2 ad campaign thing. I guess I shouldn't expect less from a franchise that doesn't put the players' names on jerseys...

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This site is AWESOME! I'm torn between the "Steinbrenner is my Homeboy" T-shirt, the "Derek Jeter, You Are My Sunshine" sweatshirt, the "Got A-Rod?" shirt and the "And then God created Jeter" tee. I mean, why did my birthday have to pass already? Don't worry, I'm not into the stalkerish Mrs. Jeter thong or "Jeter! I want to have your children" shirt. I think you all know me a little better than that. Now if only this stuff came in The Chicken's size...
Holy crap! When you go to bed and a game is 7-1 in favor of the opposing team, you totally expect to wake up in the morning and hear the worst. But no, when you check out the scores online and literally do a double take when you find out your team not only rallied, but won, it makes for a good day. Though I am troubled by Contreras, but what can you do? And who really thought keeping Ruben Sierra around would be such a good thing? Dare I say it? I'm mucho impressed by this team right now....

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Friday night was Babe Ruth Statuette night at Yankee Stadium, and while the rest of the first 18,000 21 and over got normal Babe Ruth Statuettes, I got a special one. My Babe Ruth is not swinging a bat like all the other ones, oh no. Mine is Protestor Babe Ruth. Since he came sans bat (which is like the craziest thing ever considering it's BABE RUTH), I made him one out of a Post-It, so he wouldn't feel bad when looking over at Tonya's cubicle where a Babe Ruth Statuette with a Real Bat resides. Then I was like "Whoa, I can have Babe Ruth actually say something!" So I added a Post-It to the bat, so it looks like he's carrying a sign. What is he saying today? "Where's my bat? Long live THE CURSE." I think we know who he is blaming for this one...
So there's this woman at my bus-to-the-PATH stop who ALWAYS cuts the line. And no one ever says anything to her. Now, if it's one or two people waiting or if it's raining and she wants to stand inside the bus shelter, that's one thing. But when there's like 10 people there and she just waltzes to the front? That is not cool. Today I was second from the front and she got between me and the woman behind me, but it was all good because she knew the women behind and in front of me, so of course they're not going to say anything. The thing is, when the bus gets to my stop it can sometimes be so full that it can only take two or three people, and by cutting the line, well, she's being a bitch by doing that. It's called get to the bus stop sooner and wait your own damn turn in line. I'll never say this to her because I like a conflict-free commute, but you can bet it pisses me off everytime she does it...

Monday, May 03, 2004

OK, Sopranos, if you're going to do a Yankee shout-out, do it correctly. First off, there is no such thing as Bat Night in the middle of the week at Yankee Stadium. Bat Day on a weekend, yes. And on this Bat Day, no one over the age of 14 gets a bat, so having some mobster guy be excited about this (no matter how much double entendre was meant here) is just pointless. Any diehard Yankee fan would know that, and don't tell me Mob powers of persuasion gets you a bat from the stingy/take-no-shit crew that works the Yankee Stadium gates.

Two: If you're actually going to bother filming something outside Yankee Stadium, where we can actually hear the annoucement of names, who's coming to bat, etc., that voice better well be Bob Sheppard's. Because in last night's episode, it was some imposter. Shame on you, HBO.

And just to note, it's 80 degrees in my office right now, and because of that I actually had to roll up my pants when I got in to get cool. My pants are now wrinkled. Sigh.