Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dexter just told me that he read a a little story that says A-Rod takes the subway to games. Could you imagine? If he was blocking the pole do you think people would yell at him? Would people give up their seat for him? I know I'd be flabbergasted if I saw him -- he's so massive you probably couldn't mistake him for anybody else. I'd be like "Hey, did you know I named my basil after you? It's huge and it smells great!" And he'd be all "Thanks, man, send me some." And I'd be like "Oh, A-Rod, why don't you bring your wife over for sauce sometime?" and he'd be like "Far out! I've always wanted to visit Hoboken. I'll get Derek to come too!"

Yeah, that would be the coolest thing EVER. Boy, would Sasquatch be jealous...
A brief discussion we had over our beach weekend was if Field of Dreams is better than The Natural or vice versa. And now with ESPN ranking their top-25 sports movies of the past 25 years, I'm wondering where they will get ranked. You see, my criteria for a good movie is a little different from a jaded male journalist, I guess. As you can see here:

The Natural:
--Probably the best score of any sports movie. Yeah, Rocky had Gonna Fly Now, but I don't know. You can't picture a monster home run without Randy Newman's score rising somewhere in your imagination. My dormmates and I actually tried humming it during game 1 of the 1996 World Series, when the Yanks were getting creamed. We were hoping it would inspire them or something.
--The cinematography makes this movie like a work of art without seeming "Ooh, look, this is supposed to be dramatic!"
--The love story kicks ass because when Robert Redford gets with Kim Basinger's blonde bimbo character, he totally sucks on the field. Yet when down-to-earth Glenn Close ditches work to go see him at Wrigley, he snaps out of it. Gives hope to the non-bimbo, work-ditching-to-see-a-game gals of the world like me: Down-to-earth nice ladies: 1, Bimbos: 0.
-- The final scene, with the "pick me out a winner, Bobby," bloody uniform, home run, and smashed lights (nice effect of the reflection in Wilford Brimley's glasses right there, too), all in slow-mo, is the stuff of perfection.

Field of Dreams:
-- One of the awesomest speeches about baseball ever with James Earl Jones' (who incidentally says he hates baseball in real life) "People will come, Ray..." soliloquy. Also one of my most favorite lines from a movie ever, when Terrence and Ray view the Iowa baseball field and the game going on, and Terrence says "Unbelievable." and Ray goes "It's more than that. It's perfect." I mean, you know you've had those simple moments in life where that just totally applies.
-- Little blonde curly haired girl named Karin. OK, not spelled the same, but you catch my drift.
-- Ray majored in English. Woo-hoo!
-- Gotta love the idea that you can bring long-dead baseball players to life and make them extremely happy just to be playing again -- even if it's just your backyard!
-- I love that this movie is described as Capra-esque, because it has the same effect on me as It's a Wonderful Life -- you walk away from it feeling a hell of a lot better about stuff.

So I guess I really can't say which movie is better because they both work so well at being what they are -- sublime baseball fantasies.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Woo-hoo! Ask and it shall be given you -- I think I'll ask for a lot more ass whoopin's from now on. I don't know if Dick Cheney was good luck for the Yankees or bad luck for the Red Sox -- maybe the Secret Service adds an extra lucky vibe to The Stadium.

So Jason Giambi has a parasite. That explains a lot. As long as he's not giving birth to a frog, I don't forsee any problems here.
There's a new shirt in the Yankee's store window: BEAT BOSTON...Again, and again and again..... That is how you know the Sox are in town (well, if you haven't seen the loud backpages of the Post and News, that is) and it sure doesn't feel like it's been two months since we last saw them. Maybe I've just been busy, but it feels like two years. I'm in the mood for a good ass-whoopin' tonight, so bring it on!

Monday, June 28, 2004

So I've just returned from an idyllic weekend down in South Jersey, where Jesse was nice enough to open up his shore house to Eric, Liana and I. So I give you, this weekend, defined:

"Jeter It" -- this is now the new term for going No. 2. And while some people might think this is derrogatory, I say use it in the sense that Jeter is The Shit, not is shit.

Oil Refinery -- When it smells like someone passed gas on the Turnpike, blame it on this.

The Jetta -- the only way to refer to Jesse's car; capitalize both the T and J.

Eric Gagne -- Do not mention him on blog again for fear Eric M. may be reading.

The Milkyway -- What one can see on an extremely clear night. I swear it's an awesome moment when you can say that you saw it, especially when you thought you'd never be able to in the state of New Jersey.

The Lakewood Blue Claws -- Residents of an awesome minor league stadium, complete with 80s night.

The Delmarva Shore Birds -- Minor league baseball players, but just like you and me.

The Jersey Devil -- Who we did not see driving through the Pine Barrens on Saturday night. Though Eric's snoring from the back of the car may have scared him away.

East aways, due West, etc. -- The language of grizzled sea captains and pirates. And Jesse.

5-foot-9 -- Pedro Martinez's true height. Gives my 5-foot-9 self confidence that I could take him on in a fight.

Fwthfthpthfthpwth -- The noise fire makes. Will make Liana laugh, though not as much as a seagull diving toward the water.

Porpoises -- What swims past LBI pretty often, and will make people ponder "Is a porpoise in the dolphin family or is a dolphin in the porpoise family?"

Hot bacon grease -- What you do NOT pour into a plastic cup.

Subaru Outbacks -- What Liana and Eric could spot on the roadways blindfolded.

Hoboken/Work -- Where we did not want to return.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

So my first trip out to the Hoboken Pier for an outdoor movie was an exciting one. I mean, it's not often you get evacuated from a park so a helicopter can land in it. That's exactly what happened practically the moment I set my stuff down on the grass. All of a sudden these cop cars start coming down the sides of the pier and they start telling everyone to get out as quick as possible, that a helicopter was coming. The pier was pretty crowded at this point , but everyone moved, although almost everyone stayed to see the helicopter land -- not too often you get to see that in real life. At this point people start saying parts of Washington Street were closed because of a fire or something (and I still don't know what it was because it's not on any news site, despite news vans and helicopters being spotted in Ho) and you can hear the sirens a few blocks away. So we pretty much figure out the helicopter is not The President (someone actually wondered this out loud) coming to sample the best that Hoboken has to offer. By the time Liana and Eric get down to the pier, the helicopter is still there, and the rumor mill churns out that it's a burn victim from the fire, which makes everyone's displeasure at being evacuated seem pretty minor in comparison. I have to say I was totally amused when Carolyn told me the rumor on the bus back from Manhattan was that there was a bomb-scare on the PATH. That's an interesting game of telephone, Hoboken-style if ever I heard one.

The movie (Big Fish, which was excellent, by the way) started about 45 minutes late, and as soon as the police tape was taken down, a select few idiots raced back out onto the pier like it was The Oklahoma Land Rush, and one cop actually uses his bullhorn to say "Slow down. It's not like they're giving away gold." And word to that. We didn't rush to get seats and we still had a great view, so there you go. Oh, and then we ran into Dexter and Vicki after the show and they actually jumped in the fountain at the pier. I'm telling you, it was a very entertaining evening all around.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hello, it is me, The Chicken. I know you missed me as much as I missed all of you. But I have been busy you see. A Good Luck Yankee Chicken has so much to do when it's the regular season -- it's quite the workload. But I did have time recently to sit down and interview the one and only...Sasquatch.

Chicken: So, why are you so loud?
Sasquatch: Because me feet are big.

Chicken: But you can walk quietly. It's been heard of, you know.
Sasquatch: How can me hear you talk? Your mouth no move.

Chicken: Don't answer a question with a question, Sassy.
Sasquatch: Me sorry.

Chicken: So, how long have you lived in Hoboken?
Sasquatch: Sasquatch no live in Hoboken. Me live in Pacific Northwest.

Chicken: But you've vacationed in Hoboken on a consistent basis, right?
Sasquatch: This is me first time outside Pacific Northwest. Sasquatch likey Hoboken, though. All the brick buildings, and dogs and pretty waterfront and...

Chicken: That's nice, Sasquatch. But you mean to tell me you don't live upstairs from KB?
Sasquatch: What is a KB? Me live in me rundown cabin.

Chicken. Sigh. I think I may have wasted your time Mr. Sasquatch. Are you at least a Yankees fan?
Sasquatch: Oh, yes. Sasquatch definitely love the Yankees. Especially Mr. Torre and Mr. Jeter and Mr. Rivera. They all bring joy to me life. You see me very lonely in Pacific Northwest. But me get ESPN in me rundown cabin, so it easy to keep up with me favorite team. Me would likey to make some new friends, though. That is why me come to Hoboken. Me hear it nice place to...why do you look so confused at Sasquatch?

Chicken: Because the real Sasquatch is walking around upstairs right now! I can hear him!!
Sasquatch: Would he be me friend?

Chicken: Only if you kidnapped him to your rundown cabin in the Pacific Northwest.
Sasquatch: Oh! Great! Me never had roommate before!!
So, the roommates had some great comments during the AFI 100 Songs thing last night. Like, when the clip for Cover Girl came on and Carolyn sighs "They just don't make them like they used to anymore. All overly dressed up and singing in a vacant saloon." Or when Over the Rainbow comes on as No. 1 and when all the people are complimenting Judy Garland left and right, and Melissa (without even looking up from her computer) goes "What do you mean? She's the reason Liza married David Gest!" We were all very shocked and outraged that Footloose was only ranked 96th. And what's with only one song from after the late 70s (My Heart Will Go On. Ugh.) making it in 1-39?? Where was I'm Alright from Caddyshack? Or Somewhere Out There from An American Tail (which you couldn't escape on the radio in the late 80s)? Or Maniac from Flashdance? or Eye of the freaking Tiger from Rocky III?? I suppose with all the Broadway musicals-to-film that they just had to include for some outlandish reason, I guess that will happen. But I had no problem with the Top 10, so I guess they got something right.

OK, so in honor of the fact that we will be hitting 10,000 visitors to The Complete and Total Bisch at some point today, The Chicken will be blogging in my place for the rest of the day...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Good quotes from the past 24 hours:

"I hate Curt Schilling in his f---ing hat. I hate him bad." -- Tonya on the aforementioned jackassian Red Sox pitcher wearing a Yankee Hater hat.You had to hear the venom in her voice to really appreciate it.

"I've never met an illiterate person. I mean, I believe they exist, but I've never seen one." -- Ken after a discussion about a favorite McGraw-Hill book entry I edited about a bitter mom who couldn't read/the uberannoying Sylvan Learning Center ad about a kid who gives his mom his good report card for her birthday.

"Yeah, so as I was saying, were a plumber?!" -- Eric to Jesse after Jesse casually slips into conversation that he once worked in plumbing.
I just about fell off my chair when my dad told me the 1998 Yankees were ESPN's No. 1 team of the last 25 years. Did you ever? The best is the fan response, mostly Yankee haters of course who can't believe the audacity of America's sports network giving a 125-game winning team the title of "the best." About damn time ESPN stopped kow-towing down to the bitter ass sports fans of the country and gave the Yankees some credit. Especially that team.

Speaking of lists, AFI counts down the top 100 movie songs tonight. Now, I'm not for songs that had been out for years that get plunked down in movies (a la Pretty Woman for Pretty Woman), and I'm even kinda against broadway musicals that made it to the big screen. But the list of original songs should be good. I'm predicting either Over the Rainbow or As Time Goes By as the No. 1 song. The scary thing is, we know Celine Dion is going to be all over this list. Those will be my bathroom breaks.

Monday, June 21, 2004

The little bit of last night's game that I saw just exemplified why I hate interleague play -- manufactured hype. All you needed to hear was Jon Miller, practically screaming his commentary like it was the bottom of the 9th in game 7 of a World Series instead of the 6th inning of a game in June. The man used to be somewhat normal, but now you bring in an interleague game and he goes and believes the hype, too. Dodgers v. Yankees, the most exciting thing EVER! Oh, please. Give me more Yanks/Red Sox over this interleague hoopla any day.

And don't even get me started about the hype over Gagne. Yeah, his streak is impressive, but if you were listening to my friend Jon Miller last night you'd think this guy singlehandedly invented pitching. I'm sorry, his save against the Yanks on Friday came with 4 runs. I could go in and save that game. Considering a closer is usually in such a limited time, therefore less chance to do something wrong, this streak loses a bit of its luster in my eyes. Now if he was a starter and had some kind of huge unbeaten streak, THAT would be really impressive.

Friday, June 18, 2004

So I was watching Romancing the Stone last night, all happily remembering how it was one of the first "grown up" movies I ever went to see (Splash was the first earlier that year) and then I realized something -- I saw the movie in the theater 20 YEARS AGO. I told my roommates what I'd been watching and they were like "awesome!" but then I dropped the 20-year bomb and they were like "Uh...." Yeah, when you can remember something from two decades ago, it really makes you think.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oh, YES Network, are you trying to purposely make me sad? Just now, after a bloop single over second by Matsui, they go and trot out Gonzalez's game-winning hit from the 2001 World Series. Sigh. I think I die a little on the inside whenever I have to see that. Why not use the FOX audio just to make me feel a little worse? Tim McCarver and the rest of the Fox Annoyance Trinity celebrating, just for old times sake! Turn that knife a little more in the hearts of Yankee fans, YES Network. Ugh.

Songs that seriously disturb me:

Secret Lovers, Atlantic Star: Are we supposed to have sympathy for two self-centered adults having an affair? I don't care if what you feel is "Oh so real. So real. So rea-eal. So REAL!" You're cheating plain and simple. That goes for you too, Whitney Houston, in Saving All My Love because the jackass is never going to leave his wife for you, and you know it, yet you sing about it.

The Let's Go Mets! song from 1986: They had the teamwork to make the dream work. Oy.

All I Want to Do is Make Love to You, Heart: This song cracked up my friends and I when it first came out because we were in the 8th grade and any reference to sex as "we walked in a garden, we planted a tree" was just awesome. But this song's narrator is psychotic. She has sex with some random stranger to have a baby because her husband shoots blanks. Um, OK. And then she runs into the dude years later, with his kid and begs him not to say anything! The gall of some people, I tell you....

Any song by Uncle Kracker: Yeah, you know you agree with me on this one. I can hear Tonya echoing with a "here, here!" already.

Liza Minelli's version of New York, New York: A few years ago, the Yankee Stadium people decided to play this in place of Sinatra's version following the end of every game, win or lose. Oh, you can bet they got some serious hate mail from yours truly. It has to be the most obnoxious, over-the-top version of any song EVER. Thankfully, it only gets played when the Yankees lose, which I'm guessing is to motivate the team to win the next day. OR ELSE YOU GET MORE LIZA!

Invisible, Clay Aiken: Ewww, ewww, ewww. Clay Aiken watching you in your room? And you don't know it because he's invisible? Stalker much?

Bobby Socks to Stockings, Frankie Avalon: My friend Amy D. and I used to be majorly put off by this song when we were young. Like if you take off your socks and put on a pair of hose it means you're ready for some creepy guy from the 60s to come after you. It still creeps me out to this day.

These are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. Look for a part two sometimes, because I'm sure I could fill a jukebox with scary songs....

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I don't know what's worse -- having the alarm wake you up from a really awesome dream (my friends totally have to start moving into mansions with basketball courts and have dinner parties -- makes for a great time apparently) or only minutes after waking from said alarm you find ugly little bugs in your kitchen cabinet. Sigh. I had to throw out almost everything thanks to a rogue box of pasta I'd forgotten about, but the bugs found all right. Luckily, it stayed contained to one shelf, but still. Grossness after a great dream is not at all fun.

Oh, and Yahoo has decided to upgrade their e-mail which means it's giving me trouble. So if I don't write back to you today, that could be why.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm officially dubbing Sundays in Hoboken "For Lovers Only." Because every other day of the week there's a good concentration of couples and singles out and about, but on Sundays, forget it. It's like Noah's Ark of Love, with everyone walking two-by-two. I felt like the Last of the Mohicans or something, walking around by myself yesterday while everyone else was getting brunch with a significant other, tanning with a significant other, walking a dog with a significant other. I'm not bitter or sad or anything -- it's just a very interesting phenomenon. Hoboken has this reputation of being a singles town, but you would never know it from a Sunday afternoon stroll. Anyway, I was feeling all sorts of outcast-like when I came upon Sasquatch's ultra cute brother walking by himself. We said hello as we passed and I felt a lot better -- because even though Sasquatch's ultra cute brother has a long-distance girlfriend, it was nice to see someone else venturing out by themself during "couple's skate."

Oh, and I graduated from high school 9 years ago today. And I can honestly say it feels much longer than that, so I must officially be getting old.
Wait, what was that noise coming from the Bronx yesterday? Could it have been effervescent, joyous, excited all-out cheering? Could it be that another awesome comeback brought the crowd to its feet? Could it be that the fans of the New York Yankees actually LIKE this team? Somebody call Bill Simmons, quick!

OK, so, we're watching The Parent Trap last night (both the Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan versions, which were on back-to-back on the Hallmark channel...shut up. It was a Sunday night, what were we supposed to be watching?) and it occured to me what a sick movie premise that it is. What kind of people split up their twin daughters and NEVER tell one about the other? And never talk about the kid's biological mom or dad? That is just scary parenting right there.

Friday, June 11, 2004

This is the fifth headline on Yahoo today: Yukon Men Convinced They Saw Sasquatch. Obviously we know they were in Hoboken, or how else could this be possible? I mean, Sasquatch was in Hawaii a few weeks ago, but he didn't venture up to Alaska as far as I know. He was a little too tan for that. But now if his cover is blown does this mean the media is going to be swarming down on my apartment building? Now I'll never get any sleep for sure...

Thursday, June 10, 2004

This morning I passed the local middle school and there was a charter bus waiting out front, and a bunch of kids looking really excited. It could only mean one thing -- class trip. I cannot tell you how totally jealous I was of a bunch of 13 year olds. If there's one thing I miss about school, it's the field trip. Even the boring, educational ones. Though I don't think I had too many bad ones. We got to go to a nuclear power plant (Yeah, like they'd let this hoppen nowadays), the zoo, plays, the 4th grade tour-de-Middletown (where we were all very disappointed we couldn't see the jail at the police station), the state capital. The coolest ones were where we actually got to leave the state. We went to the Baltimore aquarium in 8th grade, all over D.C. for one day my senior year in high school, and oddly enough my last class trip ever was to the financial district in Manhattan, where we went to the top of the World Trade Center. I still have the ticket stub.

The New York class trips were always the best, because you'd have these kids from the burbs totally enthralled by the oddities on the street. It almost makes me sad that I know NY pretty well now and that there isn't much that surprises me anymore in the city. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I really, really, really, really, really hope these Repbulicans trying to get Ronald Reagan on the 10 or 20 dollar bill rethink their plan. For some reason, I like old, LONG dead guys on my bills. It'd be too weird to have a recent figure in history in my wallet. Like, if you could have a photo taken of yourself, you should not be on paper money.

And come on, usurp Alexander Hamilton?!? That's so not cool. And there's no way you can touch Peter Gammons, I mean Andrew Jackson, on the 20. Leave well enough alone, people.
Sneakers are not supposed to draw blood, but someone tell that to my shoes. OK, so they're not exactly athletic sneakers, but there's no reason I should have to wear protective bandaids around my ankles for shoes that are designed for COMFORT. Ugh. Then again, I've never had luck with shoes, so this should be expected.

So it's interleague play right now which means I'm not really paying attention. Yes, 7 years later and I still hate the concept. But I'm not sure if there's anything I hate more than The Wave. Every game we've gone to this year, it gets started by some yahoos who are more interested in getting on TV than what is going on on the field in front of them. This was never really a problem in previous years at the Stadium, so I'm blaming all the new front-running "I just want to see A-Rod" fans who could care less about the final score. I saw it happening on TV again on Sunday and even Paul O'Neill didn't understand it. It was a 2-1 ballgame for crying out loud, not a 10-1 blowout. If you're that bored, LEAVE. Sheesh.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, that was one of the more entertaining weekends in recent memory. It all started with Friday night's Yankee game, which just so happened to be Interlocking NY Ice Tray Night, which is like the coolest thing ever. But since almost all of our season ticket crew had to miss the game, only Jennie and I came away with the goods.

Carolyn was one of the special guest stars filling in for our absent friends. She later got to brag to both her brother and Rick that we not only saw a nice comeback, but 6, count 'em 6, home runs from the Yanks. It was crazy. I actually couldn't stop laughing after Matsui's homer because it was just like "This is nuts."

We also had the funniest guys ever sitting behind us. They were the epitome of Yankee fans -- loud and kinda obnoxious, but very quick witted and knew their shit. The best was when one of the Crunch N Munch sellers (just because Cracker Jack is back doesn't mean the Crunch N Munch has left the building) appeared in our area and the guys were like "Holy Shit! Pedro Martinez is selling Crunch N Munch!" Because this guy TOTALLY looked like a young Pedro. It was uncanny. So every time the guy walked by it was "Hey Pedro, your fast ball ain't what it used to be!" and "Pedro, you can throw me, but don't throw Zimmer." Classic.

Ah, and then we had the Belmont BBQ, which would've been sooooooo cool if Smarty Jones had been running a mile and a quarter race because we would've had a Triple Crown winner on our hands. Sigh. But the good news is the cast iron grill didn't set off the smoke alarms for once. And the s'mores maker I bought worked well -- we added "friends, fun and memories for a finger lickin' good time" just like the directions said, and Vicki made Liana read said directions twice just because it sounded so awesome.

And then yesterday Eric and Liana had us over for The Sopranos and Breakfast, which is always a good combination. The episode was pretty good, though I didn't quite get why an elementary school class would be singing "Mr. Tambourine Man." What's next "Captain Jack"? "In A Gadda Da Vida"?

Friday, June 04, 2004

Ah, leave it to the NY papers to tell us how Smarty Jones isn't a lock to win the Triple Crown. And you know why? Because it's HARD! Damn, I never thought of that before! Thanks for enlightening me, NY Times and Daily News. Like we haven't seen a possible Triple Crown winner falter the past two years or something. Sheesh. I guess there's always one or two or 120 bitter sports writers who feel the need to throw cold water on the people who are hoping for a big win from Smarty Jones tomorrow. Can you really blame people for wanting to see something they haven't seen in 26 years? Well, apparently we're all a bunch of dumb assholes for hoping for that, when these sports columnists follow the sport oh, maybe the entire month of May and early June and that's it. So don't listen to the "experts." They probably built up a callus to the joys of sports a long time ago....

Thursday, June 03, 2004

On this nice day when the Yankees are playing an afternoon game and I will be cooped up in my Arctic office for all 9 innings, I am reminded of a nice quote by Walt Whitman:

"I see great things in baseball.  It's our game - the American game.  It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism. Tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set. Repair these losses, and be a blessing to us."

While I'm pretty sure Walt never had to survive a 7-game playoff series because they totally DON'T relieve you from being nervous or dyspeptic, I think he pretty much sums it up nicely.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Awwww. A-Rod's going to be a dad. I am just picturing what an awesome baby shower that would be if the Yankees showed up. In uniform. Couldn't you just picture El Capitan, Posada and Bernie oohing and ahhing over Diaper Genies and booties? I can totally picture Moose making the paper-plate and ribbons hat for A-Rod to wear for photos. And who gets to be godfather? Like, wouldn't it be the awesomest thing ever if Derek Jeter was your godfather? Just imagine the presents you'd get on your birthday and holidays and whenever the Yankees make the playoffs.

Speaking of, the El Capitan parsley is going to start eating my bedroom soon. And the A-Rod basil is starting to get its scent. The Giambi oregano is still taking its sweet-ass time, however. Hmmm....

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ah, the boredom of a Tuesday. I guess I'll just answer the latest e-mail thingy here.

1)What did you want to be when you were younger? A veterinarian, and then I started reading the Sweet Valley Twins and the Baby-Sitter's Club and my life was forever changed. Stop laughing!!
2)Are you a farmer? I can see how copy editing could be confused with farming, but no.
3)If you could marry anyone who would it be? Well, does he get a choice? Because I wouldn't want to marry a guy whose only reason for being at the alter is because I wished it and it was so. Seems kinda unromantic.
4)How many people do you live with? 2
5)What is your favorite sport? If you don't know me by now, you will never, never, never know me...
6)How many kids do you want/ have? Well, let's get married first. Then let's see if we like being married. Then let's see how one kid goes and we'll take it from there.
7)What are their names? I think the future Mr. Complete and Total Bisch has a say in that, too...
8)What's the last thing you bought from a Pharmacy? Sunscreen
9)What's your greatest accomplishment? Actually finishing a book I wrote.
10)Do you wear a lot of black? No. I hate wearing black. It doesn't look good on me and it's so bleak.
11)Do you go hunting (deer,duck,etc)? Oh, yeah, could you just see me with a shotgun??
12)Do people think you're crazy? The people who don't get The Chicken do
13)How many songs do you know all the words to? Wow. I didn't realize how many till I had to think about it. A lot.
14)Do you listen to The Beatles? 30 songs on the I-Pod playlist, baby!
15)Do you listen to Eminem? When he's on the radio. I'm not a big rap fan, but he is one hell of a writer.
16)Do you know anyone who thinks they're Eminem? I heard Sasquatch singing Eminem once. Does that count?
17)Are you afraid of thunderstorms? No, they rock! When you're not trying to sleep that is.
18)What attracts you most to the opposite sex? Physically, his face and hair. Personality-wise, a good heart and a sense of humor.
19)What's your favorite cologne? I always preferred a guy with a detergent or soap smell.
20)What's your best personality trait? Sense of humor
21)What's your worst personality trait? I can be non-confrontational/shy at the wrong times.
22)Are you listening to anything? One Life to Live
23)Sneakers or open-toed shoes? Sneakers
24)Can you do a cartwheel? No. Shocking, I know...
25)Shorts or jeans? Shorts
26)Have you ever belonged to a gang? If you want to call the Hoboken crew a gang, then yes.
27)Have you ever faked being sick? Uhhhh...maybe
28)Ever picked up a hitch hiker? No, I've seen too many Lifetime movies
29)Have you ever broken a bone? My left wrist, Oct. 7 1992.
30)Do you have any cavities? Not that I know of....
31)Have you ever wore braces? yes and I still wear my top retainer at night.
32)Would you choose true love or to be rich? True long as he's a Yankee fan, of course!