Saturday, October 30, 2004

Look What Rainy Days Make Me Do!

So this could be titled “You know you have no life and are obsessed with the Yankees when…” but I’ve decided to title it “Have You Really Lived?…The Yankee Fan Edition.” There are several things I’ve never done on this list, but I used my imagination figuring there’s lots of stuff other people have accomplished as a fan. If you put this on your blog, add more ideas of your own. Enjoy:


Remember what it was REALLY like to have a bad pitching staff.
All too much. Steve Farr, John Habian, Scott Sanderson…shudder….

Have done something completely bizarre, like wear a bag on your head in the hopes of spurring on a rally.
I just outted myself here as a freak, haven’t I?

Witnessed a Yankee game in person.
The coolest way to watch a game, of course.

Witnessed a Yankee game in person in the following locations:
Tier -- check
Loge -- check
Main -- check
Bleachers -- check
Steinbrenner’s box

Been to Monument Park
On several occasions.

Been to the Yogi Berra Museum

Traveled to where the Yanks are playing to see them.

Kept score at a game.
I have but it can sometimes be distracting. Keeping a journal is much easier.

Stayed home just to watch a YES Network presentation (non-Yankee game)
The first time Tales of Triumph: The 2003 ALCS was on

Spent an entire day watching back-to-back Yankeeographies.

Sung along to New York, New York after a game.
The Sinatra version, yes. The Liza version, I’m too busy biting my fist from frustration at having to hear it.

Heard New York, New York at like a wedding or some other DJ’d affair and the first thing that comes to mind is “Ooh, Yankees!”
And I’ve actually been places where other Yankee fans blurt this out before me. I hang out with some good people, I tell you.

Sent your favorite player a fan letter…

…And actually gotten a response.

Met a Yankee.

Hung out with a Yankee.

Been dead tired, but on cloud nine because the Yankees did something good the night before.
Ah, yes. Many a time.

Watched Old Timer’s Day and have been majorly freaked out to find a player you grew up watching is now considered an “Old Timer.”
Kevin Maas this year. That was rough.

Been outside of New York and cheered the Yankees in public.
Yes, in Delaware

Been in Boston and cheered the Yankees in public.
I’ve only been to Boston once, but it was in winter. I will probably kill myself before I ever have to go back.

Bought a friend or family member’s child Yankee merchandise in the hopes of converting them.

Named your pet after a Yankee.

Gave serious thought to naming your kid after a Yankee.

Actually named your kid after a Yankee.

You are named after a Yankee.

Thought of moving somewhere outside NYC, but only if you could get Yankee games there via satellite.
No, but dealt with barely any coverage in Delaware, which was four years too many.

Ditched work or school to catch a game.
Yes, but I’ve never lied about it. I was out sick for the Yanks home opener in 2003, but I was all feverish on my couch, not at the game like everyone probably thought.

Wished someone a Happy Opening Day, Happy All-Star Break or Happy Playoffs.
Yes, and I bake cupcakes for Opening Day and cookies for the All-Star Break as well.

Defended the Yankees to a blowhard who hates them.
You all read this blog. You know what I’m capable of.

Watched a Yankee game muted or in Spanish just so you don’t have to hear annoying announcers.
Any time a Fox game is on, and sometimes use the iPod if YES announcers are bothering me.

Called up a sports talk radio station to discuss the Yankees.

Had a letter you wrote about the Yanks published in magazine/newspaper.

Can name all the years the Yankees have won a championship title.

Can name all the Yankee retired numbers.

Have cried over the Yankees.
I plead the Fifth.

Have gotten in a huge fight over the Yankees.
No, but I’ve been extremely peeved over things other people have said to my face.

Not paid attention to something someone was saying because a game was on.
For the most part, people know better than to talk to me during big games, and I know to do the same for my other sports fan friends. However, there have been occasions when I’ve…been a little distracted….

Subscribed to Yankees Magazine.
Used to, but not anymore.

Get at least one Yankee-related item as a gift at the holidays or on your birthday.
Moreso in Championship years when Yankee merchandise is all over the place.

Ordered something from the Franklin Mint that was Yankee related.

Watched the late edition of Sports Center two times in a row or more to see Yankee highlights.
Yes, the Aaron Boone game. Luckily, I had off from work the next day.

Have a pre-game routine.
At games, yes. Not so much when I’m watching on TV.

Feel torn when a former Yankee you loved is playing them on a new team.
Yes. Sigh.

Belong to a Yankee message board.

Caught a foul ball at a Yankee game.

Broken up with someone for being a fan of a rival team.
No, but this probably should’ve been the reason…

Not dated someone for being a fan of a rival team.

Converted a significant other into a Yankee fan.
No, but I just realized I’ve only ever dated one guy who was a Yankee fan. The rest? Not so much. That’s so not right.

Made a sign to take to a game.

Save newspapers from big games.
Yes, and I have a bin for them at my parents’ house that’s almost too full.

Can pick a front-runner Yankee fan out from a mile away.
I’m pretty good at this. But mostly after conversing with said “fan” for a few minutes.

Have made friends after bonding over the Yankees.
Man, I have several of those!


Matthew said...

First Mate Matt reporting for duty:


Karen said...

Arr, A+ for some fine work. I can't believe I didn't know you last Opening Day or else you totally would've gotten some cupcakes! Five months till the next batch is made....

And I remember a Yankee named Matt -- Matt Nokes!

Yankeebob said...

Yankeebob has boarded, Cap'n! (Took a while, whew!)

Karen said...

You beat Shannon, Yankeebob! I have a feeling her government reading has taken away from her Yankee blogging time, though. Perhaps she can figure out how we start a Yankeeocracy? Arr...