Monday, December 06, 2004

Countin' 'em Down...

So Dexter was telling me that he and his co-workers are each putting together lists of their 50 favorite songs. We don't do stuff like this at my office (we merely get to watch TV all day), but it sounded cool, so I'm doing one on the blog. Every day this week, I'll post 10, counting backward for dramatic effect. (Next week, we go to the movies, which for me is the harder list right now.) And I'm not very good at knowing why these songs are my faves, but I figured I should have some kind of reasoning behind it, but for the most part I like them just because. So here goes:

50) Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, The Police: My parents had this album (The Ghost in the Machine) when I was a kid and the cover perplexed me. The song will forever remind me of the early 80s and just being young.

49) Give a Little Bit, Supertramp: For some reason, this song was stuck in my head permanently during the 1998 Yankee 125-win season. I think it totally had something to do with it.

48) Turn on Your Heartlight, Neil Diamond: Just because of Tanyon Sturtze.

47) Revolution, the Beatles: The song stuck in my head when Jim Leyritz hit the game-tying homer in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series. Also the song I once blasted to get revenge on Sasquatch for a late, loud night.

46) Follow You, Follow Me, Genesis: I just love the gentle insistency of this one.

45) Drive, The Cars: It’s kinda depressing, but a nice relaxing song. Plus it’s kinda fun to think of when someone gets on base and you’re all “Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight?”

44) Give Me the Night, George Benson: One of those songs my mom used to dance with me to in our living room when I was a tot.

43) Night Time is the Right Time, Ray Charles: Most people my age associate this with The Cosby Show. It’s also a great song when you don’t picture Rudy getting all nuts during the female solo.

42) Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel: Or as the guy sang it at A&P during the blizzard of Feb. 2003, “I love you just the way you are…beeotch.”

41) Ain’t That Peculiar, Marvin Gaye: This song is just so darn peppy, I can’t help but like it.

40) I’ll Be There For You, Bon Jovi: If someone sings this at my birthday party next year, I’ll be their best friend. It’s so hairband and over-the-top that it simply falls under the category of awesome.


La Nina said...

I totally agree with you on Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. You rarely find a song with that sort of energy anymore. (And I'm not counting Walking on Sunshine. I'm just not.)

Karen said...

You're so right about the energy thing -- and for some reason it sounds like they had fun recording it too. And If Every Little Thing... were an energy drink it would probably be a V-8 where as Walking on Sunshine would be a Red Bull. Or, to keep it on an 80s theme, a Jolt Cola.