Thursday, December 09, 2004

KB's Top Hits, 19-11

19) The Promised Land, Bruce Springsteen: A great song when you’re pissed off or just feeling disenchanted.

18) Separate Ways, (Worlds Apart), Journey: That The OC worked this into an episode last year totally rocked. The video is also kick ass, in the most specialest 80s way possible.

17) Badlands, Bruce Springsteen: One of my most favoritest lines ever – “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.” Preach it, Bruce!

16) Lie in Our Graves, Dave Matthews Band: A song that will forever remind me of that sleep-deprived yet fantastic time of life known as college.

15) Hey Baby, Bruce Chanel: Ah, high school football games and Dirty Dancing. Killer combination.

14) You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling, The Righteous Brothers: Classic orchestration and awesome vocals, great for a singalong (as Jamie “Seamus” Amato and I did while trying to get through a stifling hot and waaaaaay boring college graduation ceremony) though I could do without the Top Gun reference.

13) Boys of Summer, Don Henley: Though I don't think I've heard this version in a long time because the Ataris one is always on, it's a song I've never gotten sick of, and even liked before I could associate the title with baseball.

12) Let’s Spend the Night Together, The Rolling Stones: Jaunty and naughty and downright honest and fun.

11) Hollywood Nights, Bob Seger: Bob Seger's a great storyteller who can also string together some music that always makes you want to be moving around in some way. This is probably the ultimate example of that.

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June said...

re Boys of Summer: one of my very many pet peeves is when people do slavish covers. All they did was do it a very little bit faster. otherwise it's IDENTICAL. that really offends me aesthetically. What's the fucking point? Plus, Don Henley's voice is about a billion times better - especially for the song. Other examples: J****** S****** 's UTTERLY unnecessary cover of "Take My Breath Away", which wasn't that great a song to begin with; also, Rod Stewart's entire ersatz 'oeuvre' of the last, oh, ten years. grrr.