Tuesday, December 07, 2004

KB's Top Hits, 39-30

39) Help Me Rhonda, The Beach Boys: Even better when you can get a big old singalong going to this.

38) No Myth, Michael Penn: I’m not exactly sure what a Romeo in black jeans is, but whatever. It’s the first song I downloaded when I got my laptop.

37) So Into You, Atlanta Rhythm Section: The sound is just pure 1970s, which I don't really remember seeing as I was only two when the decade ended, so I'm not sick of it or anything.

36) Friday I’m In Love, The Cure: Between this and Just Got Paid, I will never forget the music of Friday night season ticket games.

35) I Love Every Little Thing About You, Stevie Wonder: Does Stevie Wonder ever write an un-positive song? I mean, this one's about a girl everyone says is bad for him, but he loves her anyway. How great is that?

34) 867-5309 (Jenny), Tommy Tutone: Love the guitar intro in this one, and the whole premise of the song is genius -- lets you know that you can find inspiration in the bathroom.

33) Don’t Leave Me This Way, Thelma Houston: Showing some love for the song that was No. 1 the day I was born.

32) Easy Lover, Phil Collins and Philip Bailey: You've got Phil Collins and the lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire warning us all about this crazy man-using beeotch. Where can you go wrong?

31) Where the Streets Have No Name, U2: There’s something about this song that whenever it comes on, I feel like I can do anything. Great mood booster.

30) Hotel California, The Eagles: Showing some love for the song that was number 1 a two weeks after I was born. And has the great line " They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast." What the hell does that mean -- who cares? Also, it's haunting in a neat-o sort of way.


June said...

it means they were doing a lot of acid at the time. :D

Karen said...

Ah, yes, the 70s. There's probably some deeper meaning they meant to have (like, maybe they were going to a Dodgers game or something and wanted to put it it to music. I mean, Fernando Valenzuela could've been a "beast.") but the acid trip derailed it and made it something else entirely.

Yankeebob said...

I'm enjoying your trip through the tunes Cap'n. Most of the list I really like, but I am an avid disco hater. Anything that even sounds like disco grits on me. (#33)

#37, #36, #34, #31 and #30 are some of my faves.