Thursday, March 31, 2005

And You Didn't Think I Could Go There

Last night, American Idol was whittled down to 9 contestants. And you know where my brain normally is when it comes to picking a starting 9. And only a big dork such as myself could make both the musical and baseball worlds come together for me and make a post out of it.

I'm pretty sure only a few of my readers will appreciate the following comparisons, as most of my Yankee fan friends are too cool for school when it comes to American Idol, and many of my American Idol loving friends would be like "Huh? Baseball?" But for those of you who like both, I offer the following...


Anwar = Bernie
The sensitive, at-roots musicians in the bunch. The kind where if they mess up you can't be mad at them because of their big, pleading cow eyes.


Constantine = Sierra 
I had a hard time with this one because I can't think of any Yankees who are overly thespianic and smarmy. But Sierra has toned down his attitude in recent years and Constantine did so in his last performance. So there you go.


Anthony = Moose
Both are capable of moments of awesomeness when they are in the zone, but are their own worst enemy when it comes to some choices they make in "selection." Described as bland by the media and fans. 


Scott = Kevin Brown
Because they both can be surprisingly impressive at times, but for the most part scare the crap out of me. 


Bo = Matsui
The two most fundamentally solid in their respective starting 9, and you'd find very few things to criticize about them. They also have interesting hair.


Nikko = Bubba 
They bring a youthful energy to their teams, though they sometimes have to fight to get attention when the other players are on.


Carrie = A-Rod
Both have all the physical tools they need to kick ass and can no doubt be the tops in their field, but can come across as too calculating and stiff by their detractors.


Vonzell = Tino
Extremely well-liked by the general public, they both give off a positive vibe. Both can surprise with their good moments, though one wonders why it’s a shock to others when they do well. 


Nadia = Shef
Both know they are capable of kicking ass and aren't afraid to go all-out in their performances, but sometimes they get all snarly looking and frighten me. Also, Shef's admitted to using performance enhancers, and I think Nadia's hair might be on steroids too.


Kat said...

Karen,.. You kill me! I'm sitting here at work and I had to stop myself bursting out a huge chuckle! My co-workers woulda thought "there's Kat and her loud mouth laugh again"..

I love the Scott/KBrown reference. Mr. Stoneface and Mr. Stoneface Jr. Scary as hell!.. Watching Scott last night do his little "pray to the lord" jestures (and there's nothing wrong with that), you'd think the kid would frigg'n smile! As for Kevin Brown smiling? Come to think of it, does he smile?

Karen said...

Thanks! I knew you'd appreciate it, Kat!

That Scott is actually giving some semblence of a smile in that photo is huge. I don't think he's ever shown teeth on TV. I'm actually very surprised he got enough votes to stay out of the bottom 3 last night. Maybe people are afraid to NOT vote for him.

Kat said...

I just heard from a friend that... Ok brace yourself.. Nadia and Scott are dating! I knew Scott had game!

Yankeebob said...

The last part about how Nadia's hair might be on steroids too is hilarious! Good thing no one else is around to hear me laugh.

Is Vonzell really liked? I'm not a fan.

Karen said...

Kat, do you think Nadia has heard about Scott's little tussle with his ex? It's slowly coming out now (should hit the news sites today), but apparently the producers knew beforehand and won't be kicking him off. Though Nadia/Scott as a couple...egads!

YB, Vonzelle seems to be the one people don't have much bad stuff to say about, like Bo, because she comes off as so affable. But she's not too high on the popularity train, so her future with the show is hazy at best.