Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture?


Oh, there are SO many things wrong, that's what.

1) Dude, did you not get the memo that A-Rod wasn't making the trip last night? It was posted on like every sports site and in every newspaper in god's creation since Sunday.

2) Though if you somehow DID know he wasn't coming, but wanted to bust out the er, art, you'd been working on all winter, did you think that it was going to bother Bernie (with his four rings) Giambi (who was probably relieved it wasn't a sign about him) or Matsui (who probably can't read the words but seriously wondered if they stretch players out on The Rack as means of torture in Sux country, seeing as how the dude's neck in the, er, artwork is longer than humanly possible)?

3) Did some first grader make that during art class and you swiped it to get yourself on camera? Or was this seriously your best effort with almost five months to conceive an original idea and work on the, er, art?

4) As it reads, it says "A rod is a choke." It's called hyphens for appropriate spellings so your meaning doesn't get misconstrued -- you might want to look into it.

5) Why is A-Rod, oh, I mean A rod, wearing a red hat with the Yankee logo? Did he make a trip to Lids in between innings during Game 6 and do a little switcheroo that I was unaware of? Or do you only own a black-and-white TV thus don't know the color schemes of the Yankees? Or are you just a dumbass? I think I know which way I'm leaning.


La Nina said...

I will be the first to admit that baseball is not my strong suit.

I will also be the first to point out that that, erm, poster is majorly lame.

Kat said...

Karen,.. LOVE this post, your a trip! Thanks for making me laugh here at work on a crappy ass snowy day!

Karen said...

I'm wondering if AP took this photo so everyone could be all "Ha-Ha! A-Rod sucks!" or "Ha-Ha! What is UP with that poster?" There were a few others that were a lot more imaginative, especially the one that said "Hey, Giambi -- Got Juice?" Milk was crossed out and Juice put in its place. A swipe at Giambi, yes, but pretty clever. And it looked a lot nicer than this guy's masterpiece.