Thursday, April 07, 2005

Go to Hell, Boo Birds

So I'm hearing these rumors that Mo was booed at the Stadium yesterday. Now, I didn't watch the replay or anything, so I wouldn't know how lusty these boos were. But the fact that that noise actually escaped the mouths of these alleged fans is telling...of how stupid people in this town can be.

The man has sucked lately. We know this. But he is Future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera. He is the reason you have been lucky enough to get four World Series titles in recent years. And there's something wrong with him now, be it physical or mental. And he is STILL not worthy of your jeers. Frustration? Yes. And in that you can mutter to yourself. Kick some inanimate object. Curse like a sailor. But you DO NOT BOO MARIANO RIVERA. First off, you don't boo your own guy EVER. Secondly, do you honestly think he's sucking on purpose, just to piss you off? Like, when you suck at your job, are you doing it maliciously? I didn't think so. And Mo right now is struggling on a consistent basis, something none of us have seen before. But apparently the fact that he hasn't sucked until recently makes him a worthy target to these ingrates. People have really short memories, I guess.

Then again, I have to wonder if these people even remember what it was like in the days before Enter Sandman. I mean, he's been here for 10 years (and the fact that he's having trouble now? Not so surprising when you realize how long he's been around), so maybe the era of Steve Farr/Xavier Hernandez/Lee Smith escapes them. But I'm likely to think they just jumped on the bandwagon and the only thing they see is a Sweep Lost and wouldn't know what it's like to NOT make the playoffs because your entire pitching staff, from starters to closer, sucks.

If you can remember these guys in pinstripes, you wouldn't be booing Mo.

I also wonder if these people gave Jason Giambi (who has only once or twice been Mr. Clutch while a Yankee, who barely played last season, and brought upon the scandal of the century to the Yankee clubhouse), a standing ovation when he came to bat. Because if that's the case and they're booing Mo, I'd throw them off the upperdeck if I had the chance.

In short, don't hate on Mo because he's suddenly become human after an extraordinary TEN-YEAR run. Especially IN THE THIRD GAME OF THE SEASON.

God, that I even had to post this in retort makes me sick.

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Jim said...

Well said, I'm pretty sure Mo has been a bigger part of the championship run than Giambi has. Also, on TV yesterday it looked like there were some fans who gave him a standing O while clapping while he walked off the field, although it could have been sarcasm, you never know.