Monday, April 04, 2005

I Love A Rainy Night

Dudes. I don’t even know where to begin, and since it’s late, you’ll get the Cliffs Notes version now with a bigger post to follow tomorrow.

Just know I fully learned the meaning of the term “geeked out” tonight. Not only was I experiencing this rare emotion of awe and ohmygodness before the game, and not only was I enthralled with Randy Johnson and whatnot, but when Julianna told us her friend sitting four rows behind the Sux dugout had four seats waiting for us after the 7th inning…well…my jaw was pretty much in my lap for the rest of the game. Not only had I never been to Opening Day before this one, but I’ve never sat THAT close.

Let’s go to the videotape!

This was where we were sitting originally. It was pretty cold and windy, but not the worst conditions I’ve ever sat in. Only a few Sux fans were in our area. Fights broke out in sections around ours, which was annoying because everyone would stop watching the game and stand up to watch the fights. Like, what did you come to the game for? Anyway.

Starting lineups, baby! Tino was announced and the place nearly fell down. Giambi also got a pretty nice ovation. And Johnson was practically bowed-down to by all of us as he made his way out from the bullpen.

Seat change! Yeah, I don’t know if I’d ever had to worry about this at a game before tonight.

Behold! What a sight! At this point, one hand was taking a picture of everything in sight and the other was writing furiously in the Yankee Journal. Geeked out, I tell you. GEEKED OUT.

This guy knew his shit. He was the only one in our section to know that Rob Thompson was the third base coach. Some dudes way behind us were kinda mocking him for knowing so much, and it kind of ticked me off. Like, this guy is obviously more of a fan than the drunken jackass teasing him, so back the hell off.

Stephanie wanted to show the Sux who’s boss. She held this up when they were running in to the dugout.

I took this a few pitches before the home run. It was amazing just to watch the straight-on trajectory of the ball, and then watch Damon give up on it because we all knew the thing was tagged. Awesome, just awesome.

Here he is, ladies. You can bet Tonya was screaming “I LOVE YOU TINO!” and this time, it wasn’t like being in her office and her wailing at his picture when we thought he wasn’t ever coming back. I mean, he was in earshot of this one.

That’s Tonya, Julianna, me and Steph looking like someone just handed us the moon. It was great because all these Sux fans were around us, but they were actually, dare I say it, pretty nice. This older gent was like “Aww, they’re so cute! Which one is the cutest?” And his friend was like “Silly, they’re ALL cute!” And it wasn’t creepy in anyway. I think they knew how this like never happens to us and we were taking full advantage of it. Though obviously not enough because there was an opportune moment to take out a certain Sux player and we didn’t capitalize on it. More on that tomorrow.

9-2. Yeah, that made up for all those shitty games last year…somewhat.


Kat said...

FANTASTIC! GO GIRL! GREAT PICS! (nice shot of Tino) I have to admit, I was so disappointed that the starting lineup didn't include Tino. Yes, I was home screaming with JOY when Bob Shepard announced his name with the non-starters. Not to mention, what a kick ass play at first base in the 6th? 7th? inning. Gotta love him! Here's to a great beginning to the 2005 season,. The Yankees fuck'n ROCK!

Yankeebob said...

I love your in-game highlights. Great pictures. I was really bummed that Tino didn't start but when he came on the field, I was psyched.

Thanks for letting us share your Opening Day experience in The Stadium (a little). Some day I want to be there. The only time I can claim to have gotten close was Opening Day in Baltimore a few years ago when The Yankees were here. They lost, but I went to the next 2 games and they won those.

Shannon said...

Those are great pictures, KB! Glad you had such a wonderful time, though I do wish you'd have thrown something hard at Curtass's head. Maybe next time? Heh...j/k. I think.