Monday, May 02, 2005

Y'all Don't Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

You want to know something weird? I'm kinda happy the Yanks aren't playing so hot right now. Because it's eventually going to purge us of many of the bandwagon fans, the ones who jumped on between 96 and now. I mean, losing to the Sux last year sifted many of them out of the way, and this is only helping to get rid of more. It's great because if there's a downside to winning, it's having these hangers on ruin all your fun.

When you think about it, these jackasses have never even known a losing season. They've never known what it's like to not make the playoffs. This is why I assume so many people are acting like it is their god given right to see a winning team year in year out -- they don't know (and don't WANT to know) any different. They probably dumped the Mets as their team in the early 90s, slunk around in obscurity for a few years, and in 95 or 96 suddenly became Yankee fans. They were the first ones to brag about being a fan of the pinstripes up until now, when they'll probably be the first to boo Mo, dis Jeter and call Joe Torre an idiot. Look for them back at Shea by June if the Yanks keep up their current trends. Wait, look for them at Shea regardless, because the Yanks not winning the World Series the last four years is totally a good reason to turn your backs on them.

Gag me.

See, I can remember entire losing seasons -- in a row -- so a losing April isn't a knife in my heart that's going to cause me to go ballistic and be all "WHY?!!!!!!!! God, I'm so out of here." And if last season taught me anything, it's that losing does not kill you. It's called perspective, and this is something a bandwagon fan will never learn because they don't stick it out for the long haul to learn it.

And it's a marathon, people, something that these instant-gratification shmucks will never learn. Yeah they're playing like ass right now. But to get all bent out of shape this early when there's still five loooooooooooooong months left, well, does it really solve anything? Do you watch this team to be all pissed off or do you watch because you like the sport, the team and know that on any given day you have a 50/50 chance of seeing a win? What if the Yanks slide all year? Are you going to be angry and bitter until September? Is that even healthy? What if the Yanks go on a tear from now till October? Did being bitter and angry early on make it more gratifying or something? Disappointment is one thing. An over-inflated sense of entitlement because you think winning is the only option is another.

Anyway, I'm just here to say that I ain't here for the winning -- it's a hell of a lot more than that that keeps me turning on the YES Network every night and blogging about it the next day. And the great thing is, I know most of you reading this feel the same way, so I know I'm not alone.

So to all the bandwagoners, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Say hi to Willie for us on your jaunts to Shea, and we'll make sure to send you a postcard from the Series in October.

And it most certainly won't be signed, "Wish You Were Here."


Kat said...

I betcha the bandwagoners don't recall Don Slaught, Claudell Washington, and Rafael Santana. Not to mention Hensley Meulens, Stump Merrill and Russ Davis. But I remember them!

Jim said...

Hensley "Bam Bam" Meulens!!!!!

Great blast from the past.

Don't be forgetting Mel Hall.....

Karen said...

Sam Militello!! Domingo Jean!!!