Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In Which I Just About Hate Everyone With a Column

Now, I didn't watch last night, and I've been avoiding the media in general the last few days because they wouldn't be telling me anything I didn't already know, but when I saw this link over at Lupe's, I just had to speak out:

From the NY Sun: As bad as things have been for the Yankees, there hasn't been much speculation about Joe Torre. There probably should be. A team's lack of talent or desire or luck can't be held against a manager, but what can and should be is careless play and a failure to get the most out of the talent on hand. Never the greatest tactician, Torre's strength for nearly a decade has been his ability to get the most out of veteran players. If he's not doing that, what use is he?

Good fucking lord. I should've known a week and a half of losing would start the finger pointing. What use is he? Have you seen any clubhouse meltdowns this season? Have the "surly" players been reigned in from the instigating media? I mean, I understand the argument that a good manager is supposed to get the most out of his players, but can you imagine somebody like a Stump Merrill or Dallas Green in this situation? Yeah, I thought so. This is an awful time for the Yanks right now, but I've got to say that I'm highly impressed that nobody has gone apeshit. And having dealt with some frustrations in the last five years and never having a combat zone for a clubhouse, I think it's safe to say that Joe has done his job quite well. You're going to have the "they're veterans and you can't change 'em" problem with ANY manager that comes in there, so I don't get why you single Torre out when he's done MORE than enough for this team in the last 10 years with those same veterans.

And just a reminder, you can't blame him for dumping money on the wrong people. That, my friends, is all Brian Cashman and one Mr. Steinbrenner. But again, if you don't know that this comes with the territory, I highly doubt you were a Yankees fan in the 80s, early 90s.

My personal biggest problem with this team right now is that they aren't exhibiting patience of any kind at the plate. And apparently Joe had it out with all of them last week over this very issue. And that very night, Tino, Jorge, i.e. the "dynasty guys" who are supposed to be go-to guys were the ones hacking away at the first thing they saw. So...who do we blame for this? Joe can't pick up a bat and step in there in these guys' places. There is something big, ugly and mental going on with this team this season. Joe, and any other manager, can only do so much when the shit is in your head, especially when it's happening to 25 guys at once. Just as much as I know it isn't up to my boss to motivate me every day, I know it's the guys' making in the millions responsibility to get their motivation from themselves, and not from the guy filling out the lineup card every night.

So, in short, fans and columnists need to shut the fuck up and deal with the losing instead of pointing the finger. We're certainly not the first team this has happened to, and it certainly won't be the last. And for christ's sake, it ain't over till it's over. God, if I've learned anything in my years as a fan, it's that.


lupe_velez said...

i did enjoy (well, not enjoy...) the earlier parts of the article where marchman detailed the curious phenomenon of the team getting away from what's made them so strong over the last decade. the lack of patience and all the desperate first pitch/second pitch/at-a-ball-four-feet-outside lunges with their heinies going one way and their hands another are really puzzling. still, the rest of this sorry division barring the orioles ain't playing much better right now, it's too early for alarm bells to be ringing.

but dammit, godzilla needs to get out of this flipping slump so a-rod can have some protection. GRR.

Karen said...

Totally agreed on all the stuff he said earlier in the column. I think it was just the What Use is He line that got me so unraveled. Man, that's just...bah!!!

And seriously about Matsui! I feel like he's that guy in cartoons who walks around with the little dark cloud raining on him. I guess it's not so sunny around the other players either, more like overcast, but I feel like if his little rain cloud disappears, it'll be like a chain reaction with the other players getting better too. Like you said -- A-Rod would benefit hardcore from that, and then anyone batting after him, etc. It's also weird that Matsui of all people is having trouble. He always seemed so centered before this. Sigh.

Jim said...

Anyone who says Mr. Torre should be fired hasn't been watching our boys since 1996.