Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ah, Sunday Morning.

Want to know what it's like to have my neighbors? Here ya go:

The music (that the video doesn't quite do justice to)? Is coming from next door. As I type, my bed is actually vibrating (and no, not in any way that would be beneficial to me, so get your mind out of the gutter) from their stereo's bass, which I guess means they assume either everyone in the building is 1) deaf or 2) as in love with their choice of music as they are.

Now you're probably all "Why don't you just go and ask them to turn it down?" And that's when I tell you "Um, because it's my super's apartment." And that's the last person I want to start shit with. Even if it is kinda nuts that I can't even hear my television over their music.

But I think I do need to come up with a title for my neighbor luck, since all I ever seem to get near are people who either have issues walking in a normal manner, or the capability to speak at a regular level, or like to ring my apartment to let them in because they are too lazy to have an extra front-door key made (that was the neighbor I had for a month before they moved out and the super moved in, thus leaving me with a vacant apartment next door for two months -- two of the best months of my life). Maybe KB Karma? I don't know...


Kat said...

I feel your pain. We have neighbors that live downstairs. Young kids in their 20s. Loud, obnoxious, beer drinking, cig smoking, rude little twits. Not to mention when they sit outside downstairs, they leave their patio looking like a bomb hit. They were outside last night until 1:00am. :-(

Anonymous said...

WOW: Your kitchen is huge!! Sorry about the neighbors. :-) Steph

Karen said...

Kat, I suggest getting up early on the weekend and vacuuming!

Steph, that's the reaction of everyone who comes by. They turn to the left and are all "holy kitchen!" It's half the reason I took the place. The other half was my fireplace, lol.