Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ain't That America

Tonight, at around 10:57 EST, I was fact-checking my Facebook status like the big dork I am (I just had to make sure Luke did appear in hologram form in Return of the Jedi, like Ken said...we were using it to relate to CNN's bizarro use of holograms, which, seriously, what the hell was that about?) at Ken's apartment, when suddenly Charlie Gibson got all impending-sense-of-serious-announcement and we all froze. He came at us with the calling of California for Barack Obama, and with that, declared him the new president of the United States. It was quite a moment, what with all the whooping and cheering, but I was all "GET ANOTHER NETWORK TO DECLARE IT TOO" because I don't trust Charlie Gibson all that much for some reason, and we went to CNN where they were calling it for Obama, and then I felt safe enough to take it in.

A few years ago, I remember reading about this Senator Obama, that he had a biography out where he actually admitted to experimenting with drugs in college. The state of politics in this country should tell you something when I was blown away by the fact that he was, like, honest about his past. None of this "I did not inhale" crap, just coming clean and owning up to it. I remember wondering if he'd someday run for president.

Yeah, I didn't think it would come this quickly.

Needless to say, this was a historic night and I'm proud it happened in my lifetime -- that people in this country finally grew the fuck up and looked past skin color (I mean, for real, people) and picked a candidate for what he stood for and what he could bring to the political table. I don't know that I can judge any president and get all excited about them before they actually do anything in that post, but I know that I'm willing to sit back and give him a shot, just like I have every other president. Especially one that doesn't lie about his past, seems like he can keep his dick in his pants, is actually smart and respectful, and has a family that doesn't make me want to hurl. And could maybe be a role model for kids if all of this isn't too good to be true. What a concept.

Oh, yeah, and speaking of historic -- GO BLUE HENS!!!! I think the old alma mater is going to ride the whole "vice president of the United States is a Delaware grad" wave for as long as they can. State schools! Holla!


hello jamie: said...

Agreed, Bisch. (I really feel like I agree too much with your blog. Say something I oppose, please.)

And a big resounding WTF to those holograms on CNN. I had been at one place watching MSNBC (highly preferable) and then the last place on on CNN and we were all like - um, what IS that? Bizzaro.

Karen said...

Here you go Jamie: I like meat! LOL.

hello jamie: said...

LOL! Touchee. But to argumentative, I never said I DISLIKED meat. I just don't agree with how most farmers TREAT their livestock, so I choose to abstain.

However, there was a proposition on the CA ballot that all CA farms must be free-range-- an expensive proposition that probably won't pass, but you never know!

Karen said...

I've always wanted to eat more free-range stuff, especially chicken (especially after seeing how crammed in they are to their coops at massive chicken farms), but it is just sooooooo expensive. I wish they could pass something to make all farms treat their animals better (and not drug them, either -- ever see a Purdue breast next to an organic one? Holy crap, it's huge. And you have to wonder why...)

hello jamie: said...

Yeah, I finally started ponying up the cash for organic free range eggs and they are worth the money. So much better! And the yolks are actually a different COLOR-- they're almost orange.

And ps> Prop 2 passed. You can read about it here. And dude, ballotpedia? RAD.

hopbitters said...

I haven't liked the free-range chicken that I've had. They've been tougher and gamier than "regular" chicken. I don't mind game fowl, but it just didn't work with chicken. It might be a matter of preparation, though.

I suspect free-range veal probably defeats the purpose, but I can't say for sure. Mmm...veal. I may have to go test that theory.