Sunday, November 09, 2008

Am I Just Missing Something?

OK, has anyone seen the British Airways commercial where an airport is somehow transformed into a computerized aquarium, complete with seals and whales and other sea life flitting around to (a verrrrry snoozy version of) "The Good Life"?

What does it all mean? I'm serious. It has NOTHING to do with flying. In fact, what goes on under the sea is the very antithesis of what goes on above the clouds. And I'm a little freaked out because how can the whales and seals (mammals, y'all) surface to get actual oxygen if they are trapped in an enclosed watery grave?

Really, British Airways, WHAT are you getting at with this ad?


Beth said...

Was thinking the same thing. I was partially enjoying the music and the cute seals when suddenly the commercial came to an end and they're telling me it's British Airways and I'm like, "What?!??"

June said...

nfi. what about the clearly canadian, alka seltzer cold/flu and other commercials where people dive/jump into very narrow liquid-filled containers? All i can think is, you people are all going to drown! i for one do not find that associating life-threatening panic with a product makes me want to purchase that product.