Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Non-Political Rant of the Day

So while watching Monday Night Football last night, I was subjected to the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero commercial, where she comes out in an oversized shirt and no pants (like the guys did), but her bra is exposed. I was like "Oooookay, I guess they have to sex it up a little, even if it shows no regard for its origins...." and then she RIPS THE SHIRT OFF and proceeds to writhe around with the guitar in nothing but her bra and undies. WHAT THE HELL? I'm sure some of my straight-male contingent of readers wouldn't mind something like this, but it was so blatantly objectifying her (though I guess she went along with it, so she's partially to blame), that I'm not sure I want to buy Guitar Hero should I break down and get the Wii.

I mean, if Tom Cruise (or the sports dudes in the last ad or Davids Cook and Archuleta in the one before that) had stripped down completely, I'd be fine with it, since it was just following in those footsteps. But you finally introduce a woman to the mix and she has to completely discard of her clothes in order to sell the product?



June said...

welcome to our oh so advanced culture which is so past gender discrimination and is so truly accepting that women can be anything other than fuck dolls! yay!

June said...

maybe someone saw your post and their conscience was pricked- i just saw the heidi klum version for the first time the other day, and she remained clothed to the same degree as the men in their commercial. i looooooooove her, but her hair looks weirdly ratty in it.

Karen said...

Hmm. I wonder if maybe they only show the sans-clothes ad later. The one I saw was around 11ish, and like I said, during MNF, so perhaps they know what audience to gear it toward. Still...where is the Phelps/A-Rod/Tony Hawk/Kobe nekkid ad? Equal time, man!