Monday, November 24, 2008

Private! Keep Out!

So for about two seconds today, I set my blog to private. I was going to invite all of you longtime readers and my friends and family and close it off to others, but, alas, blogger will only let you see a private blog if you have a gmail account. And I didn't think that was cool.

But I'd like to ask some of you smarter people out there if there's a way to password protect Blogspot blogs by post. I know you can do this on Wordpress, but I'm not too keen on its templates and whatnot, and the idea of vacating this address after seven years is daunting, considering some of you have actually been reading it here for seven years and know to come here.

However, it is something I'm considering (and I'm using the whole "I could be a published YA author someday and don't want parents of minors coming after me for dropping the F bomb" as an excuse). Suggestions are welcome!


hello jamie: said...

Just out of curiosity, why don't you just open a gmail account for this reason? You can still have comments e-mailed to your yahoo address.

I'm thinking of locking mine too. I think my mom's been lurking. Not sure how, but I don't want to have to censor my writing.

Karen said...

Oh no, it's not me needing a gmail account that's the issue (I already have one) - - it's my readers having to sign up for gmail if they want to keep reading. I think that's kind of not cool and I don't like the whole synergy of gmail/blogger thing.

Karen said...

And lol to "i think my mom's been lurking." I picture her standing in a darkened alley way, peeking around the corner with a candle in her hand.

Yan said...

Can't you also use an OpenID? That covers a lot of stuff.

Beth said...

This is precisely why I switched to Wordpress. I didn't want my readers to have to create a Google account. I can't remember what my other options were, but I think it involved paying Blogspot or knowing a thing or two about the interwebs, so I was sh*t out of luck. Sorry! If you figure it out, please don't forget to invite me along!

Have a happy thanksgiving!

hello jamie: said...

Ohhhh, I didn't know your READERS had to have a gmail account. Yes, that blows.

And, yeah. Apparently last year on my birthday my mom's brother-in-law was at her house, and randomly asked her what my e-mail handle meant, and she didn't know, so he googled it, and I had said "Happy [Phaino's Mom]'s birthday" and it popped up on google. Drat. (I censored it here in case she has come into the practice of googling her own name.) And judging from my stat counter, someone in Columbus OH with a Mac and a Roadrunner account hits my blog like once a day, so my mad deductive skillz tell me it's her. Grrr.

PS> my word verification word is "swoopspi," which I think should be common vernacular for something Like, "and then I saw him wearing a dress and I almost swoopspied all over the place!!!"