Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seriously, Office?

Man, I so loved about 85 percent of tonight's episode of The Office (The microwave note? Spot-on workplace behavior. Michael's "drugs"? Awesome. Creed wanting to hang out with Jim and "throw things" down the quarry? YES. Dwight's monologue at the end? Priceless), and then they had to eff it up with Pam not even being the SLIGHTEST bit upset that her fiancee bought a house without telling her. I get it, they're SOUL MATES 4 EVA and what woman doesn't want her man to pick the place they're going to live in without taking her feelings into account? Please. Jim and Pam used to be so achingly real when they were "just friends" and they even seemed believable at the early stages of their courtship. But now? It's like the writers take a break during every show to slide in some JAM fan fiction. And high school fan fiction at that because I'm not sure I know one adult who would be totally DELIGHTED that they were left out of such a huge decision, no matter how good the intentions of their partner. And tonight said fan fiction sullied an otherwise excellent episode for me because they've gone from totally realistic to totally nauseating in their "perfectness" for each other.

I mean, God forbid this couple actually, you know, get upset with each other every now and then.

Excuse me while I go find my Pepto Bismol.

ETA: This deleted scene is made of awesome.

We get Pam admitting to the passive-aggressive note and thus saying she's not going to be the office maid, her co-workers being annoyed with her for it, an excellent exchange between the whole office, Jim being worried that he may be trapping Pam in Scranton (see, like, real, non-fakeout relationship drama) and some actual funny tension. I could've done with more of this and less of the "OMG, Pam and Jim are so in synch"

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