Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shop Wrong at the Shop Rite

So, earlier this evening I was waiting in a very long express lane at the local hugeantic supermarket that seems to attract every single one of Jersey City's citizens whenever I am there. Since the little supermarket across the street doesn't have things like beef marrow bones and acini pepe pasta, I had to force myself to go to this place on a Saturday, which was just basically asking for an aggravating experience. Especially on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But it had to be done if I wanted my soup to come out right tomorrow.

Anyway, at one point, the line comes to a standstill, with about four people ahead of me. Something's gone wrong that requires a manager, but the place is busting at the seams with people and problems and a manager can't be tracked down. I'm just all "Of. Course." but I keep my cool because what else am I going to do? Whine and complain, loudly? Like the self-righteous bratty woman in front of me? Yes, she gets all "This is ridiculous, do you know how long I've been waiting? I'm late!" to the cashier, who, god bless her, stays cool and is all "You are more than welcome to complain to the manager or call the number on your receipt." This quiets our self-entitled friend for just a bit, but a few minutes later she's huffing and puffing and throwing her giant-diamond-ringed hand in the air and whatnot about how this is SO not the way to run a business. Like it's going to make the line actually start moving or something.

My whole theory, after having worked in retail, is that the loudmouth obnoxious customer is rarely -- if ever -- truly right. If they're bitching about something in "look at me" fashion, and doing it in a way that makes them sound important, they're just someone who probably gets off on being an asshole to people they deem to be "below" them. The customer who IS right? That's the one who does their complaining in a way that doesn't demean anyone or make it sound as if the fucking Shop Rite and the rest of the world OWES them a snappy shopping experience ON THE SATURDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING and god forbid a computer system fail and not let you buy your 10 frozen pizzas and such in less than two minutes. Like, don't hold the Shop Rite responsible for your lack of time management skills. If you were late, you should have come to the store earlier in the day. It's as simple as that.

Anyway, the manager finally gets to addressing something in the lane next to ours and starts bitching out his cashier, who starts bitching at him back, and then the angry self-entitled lady in my line starts going off on the manager, who starts going off on her from the other lane (which, MAN, if he isn't getting fired...). It was insanity, and I didn't know who to root for because the manager was a total ass to his cashier in front of everyone and the lady was being the Customer I Hate. This takes up another few minutes, and finally, FINALLY, the line starts moving again.

So what happens when the angry lady gets up to pay? Does she bag her close to 20 items herself to save some time while her credit card is being swiped and processed? NO. Of course she doesn't! She makes the cashier (who had been nothing but nice and sympathetic to her during the whole ordeal) do the whole damn thing after she's completed the transaction, while she just stands there. I almost said something, but then I didn't.

Instead, I bagged my own groceries, and the cashier actually thanked me, like it was some kind of evil task she made me do.

God, I really hate people sometimes.

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