Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shut up, Reporter Guy

If there's nothing I hate more than hearing about a serial rapist on the news, it's having the "man on the scene" whipping out his thesaurus to find new ways to describe such a person. Like, I expect it on Fox 5, but Channel 11 is usually a little more in check. For example, tonight's newscast had the reporter use the terms:

"Serious sicko"


"Vile serial rapist"

Maybe it's just my journalism course training rearing its ugly head, but, COME ON. I don't need the reporter trying to prove to me that "OMG, Rapists are BAD. I am so on your side, ladies." A rapist is a vile sicko degenerate? No shit, Sherlock. But just call him "the suspect" or "the man involved." It's called not editorializing. The story in itself is enough to tell me that I need to watch my back because an evil fucko is on the loose, and shaking your head in disgust via words isn't going to solve the crime. Sheesh.

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sarabelle said...

The evening news is not about bringing you the news. It's about bringing in ratings.

I still remember the moment (maybe 10 years ago?) that I realized the anchors were bantering. They didn't used to do that always, right?