Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shut Up, Rolling Stone

I'm sorry, Rolling Stone, but you can't declare yourselves as having named the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time....and not include Frank Sinatra. Or Nat King Cole. Or Tony Bennett. Or Ella Fitzgerald. Or Judy Garland. Wait, what's that? They weren't of the rock and roll era, which is what your mag covers? Then drop the ridiculous "of all time" from the title. And while you're at it, remember that the word "Singer" is in there and not "Performer," which I think got confused several times on this list....

Also, check out which way current singers voted, and note that, as you suspected, James Blunt, Sebastian Bach, Courteny Love and several others are complete douchebags (all voting themselves number 1).

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hopbitters said...

I'm not clicking the link, because these things always raise my blood pressure. I know they're designed to be controversial and tick people off so they buy more magazines or generate more web site hits, but well, they still tick me off in the same way that the MLB HoF makes me want to set something on fire. There are people in the world who believe these things and who will look back at them twenty years from now not knowing any better and think that Bert Blyleven wasn't one of the elite pitchers of his era or that Random Singer A was a better singer than Random Singer B, because a bunch of drunks voted on some nebulous criteria that had nothing to do with the stated outcome of the process.

Damn, blew another sphygmomanometer anyway.