Monday, November 17, 2008

Whatever You Say, Blogger

Uh, have any of you used the sight-challenged "listen" feature when you go to type in a code to post a blog comment? You hit the handicap symbol, and all of a sudden, numbers are coming at you, along with a garbled semi-satanic sounding background noise. I'm convinced if you de-garble it, it's some evil message, encouraging you to lean on subway poles or play your music loud or become an obnoxious hipster and move to Jersey City.

You have my permission to leave nonsense comments on this post just to try it out for yourself.

1 comment:

hopbitters said...

I thought I always left nonsense comments?

I like how it says "Once again..." in the middle of the spiel in case you didn't catch it all the first time or it was conflicting with the voices already in your head.